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Video Courses – Treat yourself to this brand new lucid video course on conscious sleep, with guided audio journeys into WILD and beyond!

Transformative Lucidity – six weeks of interactive, experiential lucid dreaming workshops, from lucid dream tips to healing and transformative practices.

Yoga Nidra – the most relaxing lucidity training there is! Six week course to guide you into lucid dreams via states of blissful, conscious sleep.

Deep Lucid Dreaming workshop series – for deep explorers…. parallel groups begin Weds March 3rd and Sat March 6th. Last live course Clare will teach for many months…

Private mentoring sessions – for one to one attention and advice on lucid dreaming, nightmares, dream therapy, sleep paralysis and more.

Lucid Immersion – a fun weekend dive into illuminating lucid dream practices with eight hours of workshops. Small groups, space for individual questions.

Lucid Dreaming Ocean Retreat – come to fabulous Portugal for an in-person lucid holiday to explore the creative, healing, wild and spiritual aspects of lucidity. Small groups, big dreams.

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