Workshops, Ocean Retreats, & Lucid Video Courses

Portals into Lucid Journeying & Sound Healing – the most relaxing lucidity training there is! Hone your lucid dreaming skills via states of blissful, conscious sleep. Downloadable lucid dream inductions. Starts Feb 25 with free online event at 1pm Eastern (7pm CET).

Lucid Dreaming Ocean Retreat – Come to gorgeous Portugal for a lucid holiday to explore the creative, healing, & spiritual aspects of lucidity. 2023 Retreats: October 26 – 30. Email for Welcome Pack. Advanced Lucidity Retreat (previous retreat participants) Oct 21-24. 

Private mentoring sessions – for one to one attention and advice on lucid dreaming, nightmares, dream therapy, sleep paralysis, creativity, conscious living, and more.

Lucid Mindset: Guided Meditations to Boost Lucidity with Tiger Power

Utilise the ancient power of mantras with specially created lucid dream inductions. 3 guided lucid journeys to boost your waking and dreaming lucidity! Video lesson with Dr. Clare Johnson on the Three Golden Tools. 

Dream Yoga: Conscious Sleep for Wake-Induced Lucid Dreams, OBE, & Manifesting Your Heart’s Desire

This video course has specially created guided lucid dream meditations to ease you into wake-induced lucid dreaming, OBE and manifesting your heart’s desire. A blissful conscious sleep practice to help all areas of your consciousness and bring you gifts of wisdom and insight.

Yoga Nidra for Lucid Dreaming, Healing & Blissful Sleep

Come on a wonderful video and audio adventure into the art of lucid dreaming, with tips, techniques and lucid musical journeys. Yoga Nidra is the most relaxing lucidity practice ever. Anyone can do it, and it has so many incredible health benefits, including stress-relief and a calmer mindset.

New! Dream Love, Dream Healing: Meditations & A Whale Ride Into Sleep

Bring powerful love and healing into your life. Video lesson with Dr. Clare Johnson & three unique guided meditations. Yours to download and keep forever.

25% off with codeword HEART at checkout

1)   Waterfall of Love
2)  Embody a Healing Dream Image
3)   Whale Ride into Sleep – lucid dream induction

The Power of Dreams: A 30-Day Journey into Lucid Awareness, Dream Wisdom, & Joyful Living

This month-long video course has daily lucidity videos with Dr Clare’s best practical techniques, weekly 90-minute workshop recordings, and a downloadable dream journal/workbook to inspire your adventure into joyful lucidity and dream wisdom.

Transformative Lucidity – six weeks of interactive, experiential online lucid dreaming workshops with Clare. From lucid dream tips to healing and transformative practices. New classes will be announced, sign up to Clare’s lucid newsletter to be first to know.

Deep Lucid Dreaming workshop series – for explorers who have previously taken a video course or in-person workshops with Clare and want to go even deeper. New online groups will be announced, sign up to Clare’s lucid newsletter to be first to hear.

Reunite With Lost Loved Ones: Meditations to Heal Grief & Connect With Peace, Joy & Guidance

 Discover this soulful practice to ease grief and loss. Video lesson & three unique guided meditations. Yours to download and keep forever. 20% off with codeword BELOVED at checkout

1)   Reunite With Loved Ones
2)  You Are Guided
3)   Healing Lucid Dream

Lucid Immersion – a fun weekend dive into illuminating lucid dream practices with eight hours of live online workshops. Small groups, space for individual questions. Dates coming…

Lucid Dreamplay to Transform Your Shadow & Consciously Create Your Reality

Discover who you are when you dream, how to empower your inner dreamer, and how to live a more joyful, lucid life! This 7-module video course with practices and transcripts explores everything from inner child dreams to dreams of deceased loved ones, healing, and how to transform your life with love and lucidity.

Video courses – learn at your own pace

Join one of my new video courses to learn whenever and however you want, and relax and dream with blissful lucid journeys specially created to help you enter the lucid dream state, access profound healing, and learn to live life as a wonderful lucid dream through intentional reality creation. The studio-quality audio journeys can be downloaded and be yours forever as you go more deeply into lucidity and joyful living.

All Deep Lucid Dreaming subscribers get 10% off any video course and we offer deep discounts on all new video courses as soon as they launch, please watch the newsletter for these one-time offers. 

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