Private Lucid Dream & Nightmare Mentoring

with Dr Clare Johnson


Private lucid dreaming/nightmare advice/dream therapy sessions

A session with me is highly flexible, tailor-made to suit the client. Sometimes people need help with a specific issue, such as scary sleep paralysis episodes, or recurring nightmares. Other times, the main goal is to increase the frequency of their lucid dreams. Other people are interested in doing dreamwork practices with me to reach the heart of their dreams and uncover any guidance the dreams have for them. Sometimes a session may involve body work to bring healing energy from the dream to where it is needed (I am also a yoga instructor). Or we may focus on creativity, with exercises and advice to get the creative juices flowing. Sometimes people with past traumas wish to explore healing through dreamwork and Lucid Dreamplay, as well as simply talking through their fears, dilemmas, and problems. Others wish to improve their lucid dream stability so they can focus on areas such as improving a skill, exploring lucid sex, or deepening their spirituality. 

I offer private mentoring sessions for 99 euros/hour. (With reduced rates for regular clients)

In terms of lucid dreaming and nightmares, I also offer a 90-minute special session for 120 euros where I look deeply at the kind of sleeper and dreamer you are and work out what is needed. I’m happy to write up a personalised Lucidity Programme or Nightmare Solution Programme for a further 15 euros and deliver it via email after this session with tailor-made lucidity tips. Often this one-off session is enough specialised input to help people onto the right track with their lucid dreaming or nightmare issues.

Please contact me directly to arrange a session time. You may also like to sign up to my mailing list for gifts, including a guide to lucid dreaming.

You can read testimonials from private clients below, and there is more information about me on the About page of this website.

* These are busy times. I do have some openings for clients, but if you can’t get a spot with me and suffer from nightmares, please look at The Art of Transforming Nightmares, it has my best advice and many practical tips and techniques to help you. If you’d like to explore lucid dreaming, please check out my new video and audio course with blissful lucid journeys.*

Deluxe lucidity/nightmare solution/dream therapy mentoring

This is a one-on-one personalised live Zoom course with me, comprising of specialised lucid dreaming advice, nightmare/sleep paralysis support, or dream therapy in a series of 10 one-hour sessions which includes personal email contact with me for further help and advice between sessions, along with tailor-made practices, lucidity programmes, meditations, visualisations, and nightmare solutions for the duration of the course. 1199 euros. Maximum course duration is 10 weeks. Contact me directly to book this deluxe-level mentoring.

The first session was so transformational and inspiring, opening up an entire world of beauty that touched on the eternal and the numinous in ways that words cannot describe.

Clare can help you heal your soul and open vistas to consciousness that you may not even imagine possible.

Lucid dreaming is now my main spiritual practice.

Zack, Hawaii

Thank you for the Guidance, clarification, and the powerful love from you that Monday morning. What a way to start the day and week. I felt great after the talk with you. 

You really are a bright light! Thank you! I hope I can become as bright as you one day!

I had a lucid dream that very first Wednesday. I loved the session!

Frode Friestad, Norway

A single coaching session from Clare changed my entire approach towards Lucid Dreaming, despite having had hundreds of lucid dreams and doing it for 15+ years. Every problem I had, she managed to create an approach to simplify it and completely adopt it to my lifestyle… Clare is such a charming and empathic person to talk to, I enjoyed every second of it.

Did it work? Yes! Only a few days after implementing her techniques I started seeing an increase in lucid dreams. And that’s while spending less time on the subject. Amazing, thank you Clare!

Robin, Sweden

Working with Clare has helped me build a relationship with my dreaming mind and get more connected to my energy body. The depths, wisdom and sheer potential found in dreams has always called to me. Clare’s encouragement and perspective has been like a guiding light.

Clare’s mentoring has helped show me ways to integrate and hold onto what seems so ephemeral. Most importantly, working with her has helped me to relate to both dreaming and waking states with broader awareness and a more adventurous spirit.

Elan BenAmi, USA

Dr. Clare Johnson was the first person in the world to do a PhD on lucid dreaming as a creative tool. A lucid dreamer herself since the age of three, she has over 40 years of deep personal experience in this area. The most recent past President of the International Association for the Study of dreams, she is the author of seven dream books, from the huge and acclaimed Llewellyn’s Complete Book of Lucid Dreaming and her brand new book, The Art of Transforming Nightmares, to Dream Therapy, The Art of Lucid Dreaming, a co-edited book on children’s dreams, and two lucid-dream-inspired novels. Clare leads ocean lucidity retreats and online workshops with the goal of helping people to connect with their inner worlds for healing, creativity, and spiritual wholeness. 

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