Transformative Lucidity online workshops June 2021

***Watch this spot for new dates*** Or join me for my exciting new 30-day Power of Dreams course, it launches on 16th November 2021! 

All those of you who already took a video course with me (21-Day Lucid Dream Adventure, Yoga Nidra, or Dream Yoga) will receive a 25% discount on this live course, just check the box in the form below.

The Transformative Lucidity course is made up of six two-hour weekly workshops. These are interactive, experiential workshops. Any level of lucid dreaming practice is welcome, from beginner to advanced: a rich mixture of participants means we raise our lucid awareness by sharing ideas and experiences. The course has a strong practical component, giving you my best techniques, tips and practices from over 40 years of personal lucid dreaming.

“A powerful and life changing experience for all.” – Vanessa, UK.

During the 12 hours of this course, we’ll talk about how to get and stay lucid in our dreams; how dreams and nightmares communicate with us; how to work with power animals; how to interact with lucid dream figures; nightmares and how to transcend fear; the lucid dream body as a portal to deeper states, lucid sex and transcendence, and much more. I’ll share Lucid Dreamplay techniques so we can experiment with how to work with dreams in transformative and healing ways while awake, as a deep lucidity practice.

There will be time for individual questions and group discussions. We can also connect between sessions in a supportive private Facebook group where participants can share their lucid progress, inner journeys and dreams. Each two-hour workshop includes a transformative/healing practice so that you gather valuable lucidity tools you can use again and again.

Clare is such an inspirational teacher and guide – every class I felt uplifted and ready to dive deeper into my own dreaming practice.

The transformative lucidity course is all encompassing, deep and fun, I highly recommend this course!

I’ve been lucid dreaming for many, many years and still found so many takeaways that I am applying right now. – Katie, US.


Clare is a kind, gentle, non-judgmental, creative soul.  Her wisdom and patience effortlessly opens up the gates of “can’t” to “can”. – Danny, US.

You can read more testimonials below the registration form.

The core teachings of each lesson will be recorded (without the parts where people share personal stories, dreams, and nightmares, due to privacy issues). The recording is available afterwards to those who missed the session.

There are two parallel groups for this live course, one on Wednesdays, the other on Saturdays.

The cost of this six-week course is 197 euros (with 25% off if you took a video course with me). You can sign up for the course here.

A powerful and life changing experience for all. The sessions were intimate and allowed us to “go deep” into our processes in developing skill with the practice of Lucid Dreaming. Clare was a great facilitator, skilled, engaged and encouraging as we delved into dreaming in a more meaningful and illuminating way.

Vanessa, UK

The online Transformative Lucidity course was a very special experience for me. Not only did I have two very positive lucid dreams in these six weeks, but I also got to know many other ways to work with my dreams, for example with the technique of lucid writing or yoga nidra. It made my dreams even more precious to me. Thank you very much, Clare, for this deep insight into the world of dreams.

Petra, Germany

Clare has a wealth of experience, information and tools to share to explore lucid dreaming! She also has a lovely way of holding space so that insights are available to anyone - whether or not they have had their first lucid dream yet.

Kim, Denver

The Transformative Lucidity workshop was such a wonderful experience - and so much fun! Clare is such an engaging instructor and has the unique ability to offer individual, personalized mentoring within a very supportive and respectful group environment. Clare's very well designed techniques have given me a springboard for taking my lucidity to the next level with a much greater degree of control - I especially enjoyed the Lucid Writing. I highly recommend this class!

Stephanie, US

  I am very grateful to Clare for this outstanding, engaging course, for which she provided a wealth of information on fascinating subjects such as healing in a lucid dream or
Lucid Light. The workshops had an excellent balance between theory, practice, and discussions. Last, but not least, she is a very kind, cheerful person.  

Miklós, Hungary

My dreams grew from dull to wondrous, my abilities from disconnected to understanding. I re-connected my own states of consciousness as whole. At the close of class, I was left in a deeply miraculous place from which to launch these communications with lucidity, forward.

Danny Blitz, USA

Clare is an incredibly inspiring person to be around, so I am very grateful to have had the opportunity to work with her so closely in a small group, with like-minded folk.

Despite reading many books on lucid dreaming, it turned out I had a very narrow view and understanding of how to work with my dreams, and Clare has significantly broadened my horizon.

I now know how to work with my nightmares, and placing myself in my nightmare characters’ shoes has given me some big insights. Those are just a few of the many great tools and understandings that Clare has given me in the workshops.  I can’t wait to work with her again and I highly recommend her workshops!

Bronwyn Rorke, Yellowknife, Canada

Inspiring course! Great content, beautifully presented in a warm and lucid atmosphere. It really enriched my dream and waking life, highly recommended!

Jack, Belgium

It was intense, it was deep, and it was fun. Sharing dreams is an intimate experience, and I quickly got a feeling of connection to the other group members. Clare is a wonderful mentor, and she shared her treasure trove of tips and techniques with us. The group energy has boosted my lucidity. In the 5 nights after the workshop, I had 4 lucid dreams, while I usually average 1-2 per week. I was also able to get deeper insights from my dreams with the lucid writing technique we learned.

Gregor, Slovenia

“Wherever you stand, be the soul of that place” – Rumi. In our case, the place was our Zoom-meeting-room. Clare filled this virtual room with her lucid energy and led us through the fascinating realm of lucid dreaming. It was so lovely to connect with people from all over the world. Every participant nourished that place with soulful energy. So I felt very well and deeply enjoyed all the writing prompts, exercises and conversations offered at a weekend full of lucidity.

Cornelia, Austria

Thank you Clare for giving of your energy and knowledge and wisdom and compassion, you really managed to foster a feeling of group-through-zoom and across time and space, and to give everyone time and space to speak... I hope to meet you again someday, in whatever dimension, and I want to learn about that mountain in your dream [Mount Kailash], I think that mountain was mentioned in your dream as a gift for all of us in this group.

Willie, US

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