Go Deep

How to become a deep lucid dreamer

In a lucid dream, it’s easy to go deep. In every dreamscape, in every movement of the dream body, lies huge potential.

This is because we know that we are dreaming.

On a scientific level, this means that the part of the brain linked to self-reflective awareness becomes active. On a psychological level, our awareness means that we have a new understanding of our state of consciousness and of our ability to act within the dream. On a spiritual level, dream lucidity can open doors too.

Whether you view dreams and dream figures as purely psychological constructs, or whether you sense a more profound reality beyond these constructs, anyone can play within the lucid dream to discover more about the nature of reality, consciousness and the deeper self. A simple technique to use is to ask a question or make a request when you get lucid. It’s a good idea to think of a question in the waking state so you don’t spend valuable moments of lucidity scratching your head trying to think of something profound to ask.

sky-437690_640‘Show me the nature of the universe’; ‘What is God?’ and ‘What happens when we die?’ are just three of the big questions people have asked in their lucid dreams. Sometimes the ‘answers’ the lucid dreaming mind comes up with can be mind-blowing so do be sure you really want to know before you ask!

About twenty years ago I learned to ask questions in my lucid dreams to see what kind of answer the dream would give me. It can be fun and illuminating. It’s a technique I still use today, as in the following dream:

I become lucid in a room, floating around. I observe the way my dream body feels and how the room has a shifting quality. Still floating, I shout a question:

‘What are dreams made of?’

Instantly, there is a powerful vibration and roaring and the scene is charged up with huge moving energy. I feel my dream body start to dissolve in the earthquake-like upheaval. I am so familiar with this response that I laugh and call out, ‘I get it – energy!’

Then I shout, ‘So what is energy made of?’

In response to this, the powerful energy subsides a little in terms of vibrations, and I remain in a dream body, but everything becomes infused with white light which seems held together like molecules holding hands; infinite chains of light. It’s wonderful; everywhere.

I think: ‘Energy is made of light!’

(Clare Johnson, 2014)

When we allow the lucid dream to go deeper by prompting it with a question or deciding to meditate, the physical characteristics of the dream can change radically, as can our sense of the dream body. These lucid experiences often happen in what I call the ‘gap between dreams’, or the lucid void, but they can also happen in imagery-filled lucid dreams where something extraordinary is experienced.

When I talk about this category of lucid dreams I use the term, ‘deep lucid dreaming’.

spiral-286596_640Deep lucid dreams are lucid dreams that go beyond the typical experience. Sometimes the usual dream imagery falls away, leaving the lucid dreamer floating in space. Other times, lucid dreamers shoot through spiraling wormholes or lose all sense of self and experience pure awareness. Some people report precognitive lucid dreams, where an unexpected image or event seen in the dream later appears in waking life. Others experience telepathy or seem to communicate with deceased loved ones. Lucid dreamers may receive healing and feel the effects in their physical body when they wake up.

In deep lucid dreaming the deeper reality of the dream can be glimpsed and these glimpses can help us to become more lucid in waking life.

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