If somebody offered you a wellness experience where you could float blissfully in a luxury spa pool, go on wonderful adventures, fly through the sky with no fear of being hurt, and return feeling refreshed and pampered without missing even one minute of work, would you take it?

This wellness experience is available to all of us every night, no matter if we’re rich or poor, because it’s an experience we can create in our own bedroom while we sleep and dream. Dreams are one of the few things in the world that don’t cost a penny.

Dreaming belongs to everyone, and since we all do it every night anyway, nobody can argue that we are ‘wasting’ time by choosing to experience dreams mindfully. On the contrary, we get much more out of life when we engage with our dreams, as they can help us on the emotional, physical, spiritual, and social levels. These days there is a lot of buzz about mindfulness, where we focus our awareness on the present moment and become fully conscious of our thoughts, emotions, and experiences. This interest in mindfulness is wonderful, as it means more people are looking to wake up in their lives.

But what about the third of our lives we spend asleep?

Imagine how life would transform if we learned to be mindful in our dreams, too! Recalling dreams and working with them while awake is a huge step forward for mindful living, as it connects us with the deepest part of ourselves. Dream Therapy takes mindfulness a step further because we are not only engaging with our conscious experience; we are also engaging with our unconscious.This brings mindfulness into the third of our life that we spend sleeping.

Why settle for being only two-thirds mindful, when there is so much benefit from being mindful to what is happening in our unconscious?

Dream mindfulness is not even a chore. It is incredibly enriching and can propel us into profound healing experience.

Dream Therapy is mindful sleeping and lucid dreaming for a happier, healthier life.

Find out how to dream your way to health and happiness with Dream Therapy and discover my simple yet transformative techniques for waking up in your dreams and engaging mindfully with them. My brand new book, Dream Therapy: Dream your way to health and happiness, is out now, in stores and online outlets. There’s an audio book, and a Kindle edition. And the physical copy has gold sparkles on the cover!

Listen to an extract from Dream Therapy on Soundcloud ?http://fal.cn/t23U  Published by Orion Spring, London. (Excerpt from Chapter One. © Dr Clare Johnson, 2017.)

In this video, I talk about Dream Therapy and share some of the transformative dreams that appear in the book.

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