We are all creative thinkers. Lucid dreaming can connect us to our wild inner creativity. When we wake up in dreams, we are in direct, conscious contact with the heart of our creative energy. We can ask the dream anything: “What is the solution to my problem?” “Show me something purely creative!” Or: “Please give me inspiration for my next art project!” It’s incredible to do this in a lucid dream and experience the most amazing creative imagery, or be gifted with an actual multi-sensory, super-real experience, like bombing down a ski slope at 400mph. 

In lucid dreams, anything is possible! I explore creativity deeply in Llewellyn’s Complete Book of Lucid Dreaming, where I show how we can replicate lucid dream creativity within a waking trance state, using my Lucid Writing technique and other practices. I also explore how to improve physical skills from juggling to kick-boxing, and how we can meet our inner artist and problem solver by engaging with the lucid dream in inventive ways. Lucid dreaming and its related states of consciousness provide us with creativity elixirs! It can be such fun to experiment. 

You could star in your own story in a lucid dream, or invent a fairy tale as I did in this dream:

“In a building I become lucid and remember that I want to explore plot development… It might be fun to invent a fairy tale in which I’m a princess. As soon as the thought is formed, the scene morphs and I am flying through the skies in a long dragging silk dress; an airborne princess. I realise that I am not only producing and directing this play, but also starring in it, even though I have no idea of how it’s going to develop. This must be what they call ‘improvised theatre’, I think…” Dr Clare Johnson

Recent research has shown that physical skills can be improved by practising them in a lucid dream. Athletes can practise anything from swim strokes and kickboxing moves to snowboarding in lucid dreams and see an improvement in their actual physical skills when they wake up. Time can be speeded up or slowed down in lucid dreams so that movements can be practised at different speeds, and the lucid dreamer can have fun playing with different environments in which to practise – one swimmer created a pool full of sweets to swim through in a lucid dream, and also tried swimming through honey to experience the effect of a glutinous liquid on the movements involved with swim strokes.

There are no limits to what can be done in lucid dreams! This is a big part of their creative power.

We can learn to harness this creativity by becoming lucid and facing our fears, as described in this video where I share my experiences:

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