Deep Lucid Dreaming online workshop series

Have you already attended a six-week class with Dr Clare Johnson, or taken her WILD video course? This online workshop series is for deep explorers of lucidity, those who want to go even deeper into lucid dreaming, diving into topics such as telepathic and precognitive dreams, how to tap into profound creativity and healing, the nature of out-of-body experiences, how lucid dreaming can teach us the art of conscious death, and how to live a magical, joyful life through connecting with our dreaming mind. In every session, we will discuss these rich topics, do deep practices, expand our creative thinking, raise our lucid awareness and open up to the beauty and magic of life. If you haven’t taken a course with Clare before, please contact her to see if you can join this one.

This online course is 199 euros and there are two parallel groups. One begins on Wednesday, 3rd March 2021 at 7-9pm CET (Germany time). This course runs for six consecutive weeks.

The other begins on Saturday, 6 March 2021 at 7-9 pm CET (Germany time) and runs for consecutive weeks except for one Saturday which will not take place, this is Sat 3 April. So the final day of the Saturday course will be Sat, 17 April. Please check your time zone and figure out the difference. CET is Germany time, so best thing is to Google “Germany time now” and then work it out from there. Germany is not the same as UK time 😉

In this deep dive, we’ll explore:

  1. The sparkling void, the Lucid Light, and the nature of reality
  2. Out of body experiences and how they intersect with lucid dreaming
  3. Creative inspiration and lucid practices for freeing our creative energy
  4. Lucid dream telepathy and precognition
  5. The art of conscious dying
  6. How to create a magical life by living life as a lucid dream
  7. Profound healing states of consciousness for physical and emotional healing
  8. How to manifest our heart’s desire by setting lucid intentions
  9. The transformative energy of sound
  10. How to connect with the divine

I’m not sure how long Clare will be able to work with small intimate groups as lucid dreaming becomes more understood and mainstream.

Some may refer to her gifts as shamanic and once you experience the gateways she’s able to access, you’ll understand what I mean.

Clare is loving, patient and kind and works like a midwife between the dreamer and this wonderful world that is just a blink away.

I organized 2 groups of 10 people for a 6-week,12-hour online workshop to dive deeper into her work in groups. What I remember most from these groups is how alive the participants’ dreams became, with one woman who had never had a lucid dream having what she proclaimed to be the most beautiful magical event of her life.

In her first ever lucid dream she met her future child, experiencing a most beautiful and sacred connection with a being not yet living in waking physical reality.

Zack, USA

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