Online Lucid Immersion Weekend Retreat

The next weekend lucid immersion will happen in 2021, watch this space for dates or sign up for the monthly lucid newsletter to stay up to date. These weekends are usually held on Saturdays and Sundays, 4-6 pm and 8-10 pm CEST (Germany time) both days.

Eight hours of interactive lucid dreaming Zoom workshops over one weekend. This is a beautiful dive into lucidity. I’ll share my best practical lucidity techniques and you’ll receive help with individual difficulties, with time for questions as we go along. We’ll do transformative Lucid Dreamplay activities, a yoga nidra lucidity visualisation for you to use whenever you want to have a lucid dream, and practices to help us heal on every level, emotionally and spiritually. We’ll look at the creative and healing power of nightmares and discover the nature of lucid dream figures. We’ll explore how to get our dreaming mind to help us become lucid in our dreams, and we’ll look at the powerful energies of dream animals.

The course includes a Lucid Immersion Online Retreat certificate. Scroll down for testimonials from attendees.

The price for the online lucid immersion weekend retreat is 149 euros. If you would love to come but are experiencing financial difficulties, contact me and we will see if we can work something out. You can sign up for the course using the form below.

Clare, thanks for the inspiring workshop. I became lucid in a dream last night… I hadn’t got lucid in a few months, was so happy to be lucid again!  

Karen, US

Thanks for the fantastic course. You have cleared up a lot of questions I have as a complete novice about to embark on a Lucid Journey. The main take home message at my level is Lucid in waking life will lead to Lucidity 24/7.

Pitt, UK

Thank you, Clare, for bringing clarity to me in my understanding of lucid dreaming. To know now that I can use it as a tool for the direction and healing of past traumas in my life is a huge gift I’m most grateful for.

Claire, South Africa

Especially liked re-entering dreams and becoming mountains! Really enjoyed the deep dive into dreaming and not gonna give up, will get lucid soon enough then will fly over and visit each of you! Lol… 

Mary, UK

It was intense, it was deep, and it was fun. Sharing dreams is an intimate experience, and I quickly got a feeling of connection to the other group members. Clare is a wonderful mentor, and she shared her treasure trove of tips and techniques with us. The group energy has boosted my lucidity. In the 5 nights after the workshop, I had 4 lucid dreams, while I usually average 1-2 per week. I was also able to get deeper insights from my dreams with the lucid writing technique we learned.

Gregor, Slovenia

“Wherever you stand, be the soul of that place” – Rumi. In our case, the place was our Zoom-meeting-room. Clare filled this virtual room with her lucid energy and led us through the fascinating realm of lucid dreaming. It was so lovely to connect with people from all over the world. Every participant nourished that place with soulful energy. So I felt very well and deeply enjoyed all the writing prompts, exercises and conversations offered at a weekend full of lucidity.

Cornelia, Austria

Thank you Clare for giving of your energy and knowledge and wisdom and compassion, you really managed to foster a feeling of group-through-zoom and across time and space, and to give everyone time and space to speak... I hope to meet you again someday, in whatever dimension, and I want to learn about that mountain in your dream [Mount Kailash], I think that mountain was mentioned in your dream as a gift for all of us in this group.

Willie, US

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