Lucid Dreaming Ocean Retreats

with Dr. Clare Johnson


Join Dr. Clare, global lucidity teacher and author of seven dream books in fabulous Portugal for a 4.5-Day Lucid Dreaming Ocean Retreat

October 3-7, 2024

For the Super-Lucid Early Price and all other details for this retreat, email Dr. Clare Johnson: 

Treat yourself to a wonderful long weekend of lucid dream exploration on the Algarve coast of Portugal. We’ll explore the creative, healing, wild and spiritual aspects of lucidity in stunning nature.

It’s a lucid holiday with a fascinating and supportive family of like-minded dreamers. All levels are warmly welcome and there is no “requirement” to already be a lucid dreamer – please come as you are.

Full details for this retreat are not yet available, stay tuned. We are changing venues and will know more by end of March. Until then, save the dates! 

“Amazing retreat, with an amazing teacher who has endless wisdom on all levels of dreaming and spirituality. She really trusts the process, herself, the universe! 

Best decision of my life to attend this retreat.”

- Frodo F, Norway


 Experiencing the beauty of the Lucid Gaze cave 

What will we do on the Lucid Dreaming Ocean Retreat?

On the first evening we’ll meet at 6pm and do a beach/clifftop lucidity meditation and go for dinner together. We’ll meet for dream sharing and transformative dreamwork techniques each morning and there will be two dedicated lucid dreaming workshops each day, with one last lucidity workshop and dream sharing session on the final morning, then a closing meditation on the beach, ending at 3pm.

Lucidity workshops will be interspersed with meditations, nature walks, free time to swim/surf/nap/journal, yoga nidra journeys, and a group excursion on either Saturday or Sunday. You can enjoy this lucid holiday by visiting dreamlike grottoes, chilling out by the Atlantic Ocean, or going on boat trips… whatever takes your fancy. Some retreat participants like to stay on to explore the incredible beauty as part of a longer vacation.

Contact to put your name on the list. Spaces are very limited.

Explore 20 million-year-old cliffs and famous grottoes on the Lucid Dreaming Retreat!

Explore 20 million-year-old cliffs and famous grottoes on the Lucid Dreaming Ocean Retreat on the Algarve, southern Portugal


Pricing for the Lucid Dreaming Ocean Retreats

To come (new venue, so pricing is still being arranged).

Tuition with Dr Clare Johnson includes 4.5 days of in-person, in-depth lucid dream workshops, morning dream groups, lucidity discussions, transformative healing & creativity techniques, time for questions about your personal lucidity practice, beach meditations, heart’s desire manifestation and more.

Nearest airport is Faro, but you can also fly to Lisbon.

Contact Dr Clare Johnson on to receive the Welcome Pack with full details of accommodation options, retreat schedule, and other info. To reserve your place on this retreat, you’ll be asked to pay a deposit of €149.

“My mind is still blown and being actively lucid since I got up this morning has already had incredible results for me.

My entire outlook has changed and I’m amazed at what I am seeing in other people.”

          – Natalie O., England


 Portugal is so beautiful, it captures your heart and makes you want to dance! The perfect place to dive deeply into lucid dreaming.

What lucid dreaming ocean retreat attendees are saying…

I had a very different lucid dreaming experience on the first night.

It felt like a holiday while also gaining valuable knowledge, tools and insights to further one’s lucid dream journey. 

We are a very harmonious group, thank you Clare to have made that alchemy possible.

I feel like I am bursting with joy – hard to contain it 🙂 

A very deep and beautiful experience. I strongly recommend it to anyone who wants to get in touch with his inner self through dreams.

I loved the sense of being together as a small dream family! I will cherish this memory forever!

Thank you Clare for reopening a part of me again towards a deeper and more vivid contact with the numinous world through your big example! Life is full of marvellous influences, visitations, help and archetypal forces. I am grateful for that rediscovery!

I love the energy of a small group of dreamers from all over the world, coming together in a picturesque setting like this. It’s relaxed, but it’s also deep and profound dreamwork.

My waking life and outlook has improved greatly and I felt like the trip was much needed therapy on many levels.

I learned so much and this will help me in all areas of life. I recommend this experience to anyone who is fascinated with their dreams and wants to learn more. 

A smart and bright new way to look at dreams, make them our friends and use them as the key to explore new realms in a relaxing way, become lucid not only in dreams but more lucid in our life.

I always felt in very safe hands as Clare guided us expertly to lifelong gains in physical, mental and spiritual attainment.

Very touched by Clare’s compassion and support. Insightful and humorous, Clare brings clarity into the mysterious realm of dreams.

I feel I have been given a gift and I will use it wisely.

Clare has chosen an amazing dreaming-like place, close to the sea and to a very typical village, full of nice restaurants. I had a very good time with Clare and the group of people coming from all over the world to join this retreat. We have been practicing short meditations, dream interpretation, lucid dreaming induction techniques and also having much fun together.

Thank you Clare for an enlightening and unique seminar, for your true kindness and your great advice.

Clare is emanating peace, love and lucidity. I feel blessed to have been among the supportive group energy at this beautiful place.

The conversation, understanding and connection shared with amazing like-minded individuals went beyond my expectations.

What a dream! Thank you so much Clare for this amazing retreat, it was like a dream. 

Magical insights happening, like elephant-sized, sphinx-headed butterflies soaring into the glowing sunset; golden portals with lions as their keepers; practical tips as clear as the crystalline eyes and movements of a Samurai; all this and more I received at Clare’s Ocean Retreat.

The opportunity to be with like-minded dreamers, supported by nature (ocean, cliffs, sunsets) and Clare’s wisdom, offers a chance for further inner growth and lots of laughter!!

I loved every minute of it and will continue transforming and empowering myself through lucid dreams. Clare is a very special teacher with a gentle, kind and empathic way about her.

Thank you so much, Clare! It was an incredible experience to meet you and learn from you. Our time was filled with meaningful conversations and joy. I’m taking home many new ideas for becoming lucid during day and night time. Your and the group’s presence was a real gift that I will cherish.

The clifftop sunset and beach meditations were amazing. Natural beauty everywhere. Clare was so attentive and ensured everyone was happy and had a chance to ask questions.

I am fortunate enough to be doing the retreat for a second time, gaining insights into many spiritual and consciousness realms. I have learned so much. The meditations done by Clare were exceptional and created many shifts within me. It has been pure bliss to spend time with such incredible people.

Dr Clare Johnson ocean retreats

To sign up for a Lucid Dreaming Ocean Retreat with Dr Clare and receive your Welcome Pack with full details, please contact

Dr. Clare Johnson is author of six books including the highly acclaimed practical lucidity guides The Art of Lucid Dreaming and Llewellyn’s Complete Book of Lucid Dreaming. She is past President of the International Association for the Study of Dreams, and was the first person in the world to do a PhD on lucid dreaming as a creative tool.

If you can’t make an in-person retreat, Dr Johnson also runs online groups, workshops and specially created video & audio courses with healing and transformative techniques

Dr Clare’s newsletter offers a free mini-video course on lucid dreaming… plus huge discounts on new video courses, from Dream Yoga to Lucid Mindset 🙂 Lucidity tips, details of new ocean retreat dates, new courses, and special early-bird offers.

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