Lucid Dreaming Ocean Retreats with Dr. Clare Johnson 2020

  The lovely coastal town of Cascais is our base for the Lucid Dreaming Ocean Retreat in June 2020. Gorgeous beaches within easy walking distance, stunning ocean views and famous surf spots, beautiful Moorish castles and lovely restaurants.

There are four retreats in Portugal this year! Join Dr. Clare Johnson in fabulous Portugal for a 3-Day Lucid Dreaming Ocean Retreat in the beautiful coastal town of Cascais, near Lisbon, from Thursday, 11th June 2020 until after lunch on Sunday, 14th June. Contact Clare for more information. Treat yourself to a wonderful weekend of lucid dream exploration. We’ll explore the creative, healing, wild and spiritual aspects of lucidity in a small group. 

  After the October 2019 retreat ended, those of us who didn’t have to travel immediately hung out on the beautiful beach and did a final yoga nidra session

There’s another Lucid Dreaming Ocean Retreat in May 2020, it’s filling up fast as spaces are so limited. The May retreat runs from Thursday, 28th May 2020 until after lunch on Sunday, 31st May, on the stunning Algarve coast of Portugal. Other Portugal retreat dates for 2020 are October 23-26 & Oct 29-Nov 1st.         

Explore 20 million-year-old cliffs and famous grottoes on the Lucid Dreaming Retreat!

Explore 20 million-year-old cliffs and famous grottoes on the Lucid Dreaming Ocean Retreat in May 2020 on the Algarve, southern Portugal

Contact or use the Contact form on this website for further details and to secure your spot on the ocean retreat of your choice – spaces are very limited as these are intended to be small groups for maximum benefit to participants. You will definitely receive a response, so if you don’t hear anything within a few days, contact Clare again in case your request didn’t arrive. 

What will we do on the Lucid Dreaming Ocean Retreat?

On the first evening we’ll do a beach/clifftop lucidity meditation and go for dinner together. We’ll meet for dream sharing and transformative dreamwork techniques each morning and there will be two dedicated lucid dreaming workshops each day, with one last lucidity workshop and dream sharing session on the final morning. Lucidity workshops will be interspersed with meditations, nature walks, free time to swim/surf/nap/journal, and a group excursion. We have wonderful lucidity discussions over dinner every night to deepen all that we are learning. You can enjoy this lucid holiday by visiting dreamlike castles/grottoes, chilling out by the Atlantic Ocean, or going on boat trips… whatever takes your fancy. 

Near to the June Lucid Dreaming Ocean Retreat base of Cascais is the dreamlike World Heritage site of Palacio da Pena, with great walking trails all around it.

Pricing for the Lucid Dreaming Ocean Retreats

Tuition with Dr Clare Johnson in the form of in-depth lucid dream workshops, morning dream group, lucidity discussions, transformative healing & creativity techniques, beach meditations and more for three days is €399 euros (about £335). Or bring a friend and benefit from the Friend Price of €299 each (about £250). The tuition-only price excludes food and accommodation, which are very reasonable off-season in Portugal. Nearest airport for the June retreat is Lisbon, and for the May retreat on the Algarve, it’s Faro. There will be two further Algarve retreats on Fri 23rd-26th October & 29th Oct-Nov 1st 2020. These have the same pricing and Friend Price offer, and also a special early bird tuition price of €329 euros if you book before June 20th. Contact Clare on to receive the Welcome Pack for any of these 2020 retreats.

 Portugal is so beautiful, it captures your heart and makes you want to dance! The perfect place to dive deeply into lucid dreaming.

Dr. Clare Johnson is author of six books including the brand new practical lucidity guide The Art of Lucid Dreaming and Llewellyn’s Complete Book of Lucid Dreaming. She is past President of the International Association for the Study of Dreams, and was the first person in the world to do a PhD on lucid dreaming as a creative tool. To sign up for a Lucid Dreaming Ocean Retreat with Clare and receive your welcome pack with full details, please contact       

What lucid dreaming ocean retreat attendees are saying…

My mind is still blown and being actively lucid since I got up this morning has already had incredible results for me. My entire outlook has changed and I’m amazed at what I am seeing in other people. 

I had a very different lucid dreaming experience on the first night.

We are a very harmonious group, thank you Clare to have made that alchemy possible.

A very deep and beautiful experience. I strongly recommend it to anyone who wants to get in touch with his inner self through dreams.

I feel like I am bursting with joy – hard to contain it 🙂 

Thank you Clare for reopening a part of me again towards a deeper and more vivid contact with the numinous world through your big example! Life is full of marvellous influences, visitations, help and archetypal forces. I am grateful for that rediscovery!

My waking life and outlook has improved greatly and I felt like the trip was much needed therapy on many levels.

I learned so much and this will help me in all areas of life. I recommend this experience to anyone who is fascinated with their dreams and wants to learn more. 

A smart and bright new way to look at dreams, make them our friends and use them as the key to explore new realms in a relaxing way, become lucid not only in dreams but more lucid in our life.

Clare has chosen an amazing dreaming-like place, close to the sea and to a very typical village, full of nice restaurants. I had a very good time with Clare and the group of people coming from all over the world to join this retreat. We have been practicing short meditations, dream interpretation, lucid dreaming induction techniques and also having much fun together.

I feel I have been given a gift and I will use it wisely.

Thank you Clare for an enlightening and unique seminar, for your true kindness and your great advice.