Have you ever played a dream telepathy game with a friend?

We did this fun experiment on one of my Lucid Dreaming Ocean Retreats.

One of the participants, a celebrated sleep doctor from the US, was astounded when he had a super-accurate dream of the target object.

His telepathic dream changed his ideas about dreams as private events. Suddenly, he realised that dreams are vaster than most people believe.


You can read the article below.

Amazing Dreamer interview Dr. Johnson Dr Reitav www.deepluciddreaming.com

This dream telepathy article appeared in DreamTime magazine, a membership benefit of the International Association for the Study of Dreams… which by the way has a big, amazing dream conference coming up in June, in the Netherlands. Join this brilliant event for a 5 day dream extravaganza that will blow your mind. I’ll be there giving lucidity workshops before and during the conference.

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