This is a beautiful, luminous, and deep conversation between the author of Dream Yoga, Andrew Holecek, and myself. He has decades of experience with lucidity and it was a joy to talk with him. Here’s what Andrew wrote about our conversation:

This wide-ranging conversation begins with a close look at the promise and peril of fear, how to work with it, and how to use it for growth.

The discussion then moves into a look at dream sex, dream violence, and a “code of ethics” in terms of how to relate to dream characters – which are essentially aspects of your own mind. Dreams are the “children” of your mind, treat them with love.

Clare then shares her remarkable experiences with lucidity in deep dreamless sleep, and the luminosity that shines below all dreams.

She advises us to look for the beauty and luminosity in our dreams and in our life, and to move towards that light.

The conversation then turns to a discussion of how lucid dreaming not only leads to lucid living, but to lucid dying. The nocturnal practices have removed all fear of death for Clare, and she shares why.

Dr. Johnson is a shining star in the world of lucid dreaming, and this conversation will show you why.

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