In this fun video interview, I get excited about the energy of dream animals and talk about how…

•           Your dreaming mind wants you to heal! It will do everything in its power to attract your attention and guide you to healing solutions.

•           You don’t have to be asleep to benefit from the healing power of lucidity – waking dreamwork and cusp states can lead us to deep healing.

•           The “Lucid Light” is an incredible therapeutic and healing power that we can harness in specific ways for health and joyfulness.

My friend and colleague with the International Association for the Study of Dreams, Dr. Kim Mascaro, interviews me for the Shift Network. I describe four lucid states of consciousness for healing: lucid dreaming, waking dreamwork, lucid hypnagogia, the Lucid Light.

In this interview, I respond to the following questions: How does our dreaming mind talk to us? Are there liminal states of consciousness that trigger healing? What is the “Lucid Light” and how can it help us to heal? What can someone do when they become lucid in a dream and wish to heal themselves? I share the main advice I give to nightmare suffers in my new book, The Art of Transforming Nightmares.

There were many wonderful speakers on this summit. Thanks to the Shift Network for making it happen 🙂

“This interview is part of The Dreamwork Summit, a free online event featuring master dream teachers unveiling how you can harness the power of your dreams for insight, guidance and renewed purpose. For more information, please visit This recording is a copyright of The Shift Network. All rights reserved.”

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