Lucid Immersion Online Weekend Retreats; a new “Yoga Nidra for Lucid Dreaming” course, and Transformative Lucidity workshops with Dr Clare Johnson



Yoga Nidra for Lucid Dreaming

Starts Thursday, October 15th at 7pm CEST (Germany time), six weeks, 6x one-hour sessions via Zoom with Dr. Clare Johnson. If you’ve missed the start of the course and still want to join, contact me to catch up. 

In each of the six sessions, I’ll guide you through a new (different each time) deep and beautiful yoga nidra practice especially designed to train your mind to recognise when you are dreaming. You’ll also benefit from deep relaxation and enjoy this transitional state of consciousness as a sacred space in which to rest, recuperate, heal, and dream. This practice helps us to become lucid and stay lucid for longer: it’s a fantastic technique for creating stable lucid dreams.

Each hourly session will begin with a short introduction to that day’s practice, then we’ll move into the yoga nidra practice itself, which involves you lying down, relaxing, closing your eyes and allowing my voice to transport you into beautiful liminal realms and lucid journeying. After this central practice, I’ll guide you back to the waking state and we’ll wrap up the session by sharing thoughts, questions, and experiences together in a calm, nurturing space. Treat yourself to this relaxing expansion into lucidity and feel the positive impact on your nighttime dreams and waking life stress levels.

On this course you’ll learn to enter a beneficial state of deep relaxation and balance lucidly on the cusp of sleep; navigate pre-sleep imagery (hypnagogia) to learn to remain lucid and facilitate wake-induced lucid dreams (WILD); train your mind to recognise when you are in a dream body; create effective lucidity cues and set intentions in yoga nidra; activate deep healing in liminal states of consciousness; and fly free from your body in an imaginal journey. Yoga nidra brings balance and clarity to our lives and helps us to experience spiritual connection and boundless love.

Six week course of deep yoga nidra for lucid dreaming is 99 euros. Anyone who is currently participating in one of my Transformative Lucidity online groups can join this course for half price, just let me know. Anyone who would love to attend but is having financial difficulties, please contact me and we can figure something out. I look forward to sharing these nurturing lucidity practices with you 🙂

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    Starts Thursday, October 15th at 7pm CEST (Germany time), six weeks, 6x one-hour sessions via Zoom with Dr. Clare Johnson
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Online Lucid Immersion Weekend Retreat

Saturday, November 7 & Sunday, November 8, 2020. 4-6pm and 8-10pm CEST (Germany time) both days.

8 hours of interactive lucid dreaming Zoom workshops over one weekend. This is a beautiful dive into lucidity. I’ll share my best practical lucidity techniques and you’ll receive help with individual difficulties, with time for questions as we go along. We’ll do transformative Lucid Dreamplay activities, a yoga nidra lucidity visualisation for you to use whenever you want to have a lucid dream, and practices to help us heal on every level, emotionally and spiritually. We’ll look at the creative and healing power of nightmares and discover the nature of lucid dream figures. We’ll explore how to get our dreaming mind to help us become lucid in our dreams, and we’ll look at the powerful energies of dream animals. Testimonials here.  The course includes a Lucid Immersion Online Retreat certificate.

The price for the online lucid immersion weekend retreat is 149 euros. If you would love to come but are experiencing financial difficulties, contact me and we will see if we can work something out. You can sign up for the course here.


Transformative Lucidity online workshops February 2021

The Transformative Lucidity course is made up of six two-hour weekly workshops. These are interactive, experiential workshops. Any level of lucid dreaming practice is welcome, from beginner to advanced: a rich mixture of participants means we raise our lucid awareness by sharing ideas and experiences. The course has a strong practical component, giving you my best techniques, tips and practices from over 40 years of personal lucid dreaming.

During the 12 hours of this course, we’ll talk about how to get and stay lucid in our dreams; how dreams and nightmares communicate with us; how to work with power animals; how to interact with lucid dream figures; nightmares and how to transcend fear; the lucid dream body as a portal to deeper states, lucid sex and transcendence, and much more. I’ll share Lucid Dreamplay techniques so we can experiment with how to work with dreams in transformative and healing ways while awake, as a deep lucidity practice. There will be time for individual questions and group discussions. Each two-hour workshop includes a transformative/healing practice so that you gather valuable lucidity tools you can use again and again. The course includes a Transformative Lucidity attendance certificate upon completion. You can read testimonials here at the end of the Lucid Dreaming Ocean Retreats page

There are two parallel groups to accommodate work schedules and different time zones. Group A begins on Wednesday, 10 February, 2021 at 7-9pm CEST (German time). Group B begins on Saturday, 13 February, 2021 at 7-9pm CEST (German time). Both groups run for six consecutive weeks.

The cost of this six-week course is 197 euros. You can sign up for the course here. If you would love to come but are experiencing financial difficulties, contact me and we will see if we can work something out.


Private Mentoring with Dr Clare Johnson

Private lucid dreaming/nightmare advice/dream therapy sessions

I offer a 90-minute initial session for 95 euros where I look deeply at the kind of sleeper and dreamer you are and work out what is needed. I’m happy to write up a personalised Lucidity Programme or Nightmare Solution Programme for a further 15 euros and deliver it via email after this session with tailor-made lucidity tips. Often this is enough specialised input to help people onto the right track with their lucid dreaming or nightmare issues. However, some people prefer regular input, so I also offer one-on-one sessions for 85 euros/hour, with special pricing if you’d like a longer series of sessions. Please contact me directly to arrange a session time. If you feel you really need private sessions but are experiencing financial difficulties, let me know and we will see if we can work something out.

Deluxe lucidity/nightmare solution/dream therapy mentoring

This is a one-on-one personalised live Zoom course with me, comprising of specialised lucid dreaming advice, nightmare/sleep paralysis support, or dream therapy in a series of 10 one-hour sessions which includes personal email contact with me for further help and advice between sessions, along with tailor-made practices, lucidity programmes, meditations, visualisations, and nightmare solutions for the duration of the course. 949 euros. Maximum course duration is 10 weeks. Contact me directly to book this deluxe-level mentoring.


Lucid Dreaming Ocean Retreats

Portugal Lucid Dreaming Ocean Retreat: Tuition in the form of in-depth lucid dream workshops, morning dream group, lucidity discussions, transformative healing & creativity techniques, beach meditations and more for three days. The next ones are planned for June and October 2021. Details here.




Dr. Clare Johnson was the first person in the world to do a PhD on lucid dreaming as a creative tool. A lifelong, prolific lucid dreamer, she has written seven dream books and is the most recent past President of the International Association for the Study of Dreams.
(Photo taken during TV shoot for the Superpowers US documentary series, July 2020)