Our nighttime dreams — whether sweet or scary — come to empower, transform, and heal us.

They’re spiritual gifts from our unconscious, and when we take the time to unwrap them by practising dreamwork, we receive precious messages from our soul – messages that can help us transcend our worst fears, live our lives with fullness and joy, and become more balanced, whole human beings, capable of self-healing and contributing purposefully to the collective wellbeing of humanity.

Even our unpleasant dreams — those that make us feel unsettled or anxious — as well as the curious images that flash before our eyes when we’re drifting off to sleep (hypnagogia), contain the gold of greater self-awareness.

When you open to this dream medicine, you discover that its alchemy can also transform your waking anxieties and fears – this is the wonderful thing: when we change things on the unconscious level, our waking reality changes, too. We become freer, more awakened, happier.

In a free video event, you’ll learn about an amazing dream re-entry practice called Lucid Dreamplay. This has been recorded and you can watch it any time.

You can register here and experience an hour of Lucid Dreamplay to Transcend Fear & Become a Conscious Creator of Your Reality


In this self-empowering hour, you’ll:

  • Learn how to unveil and welcome the gifts inherent in unpleasant dreams, which can include unsettling or anxiety-provoking dreams, pre-sleep imagery, nightmares, and sleep paralysis


  • Discover how to use Lucid Dreamplay to safely and comfortably re-enter a scary dream and return with its gifts of self-empowerment, transformation, and healing (a great way to build protection and go back to sleep)
  • Experience a guided inner journey where you’ll meet a helping ally and explore an uncomfortable dream (or waking) image, and feel its energy shift as it transforms, leaving you feeling freer, lighter, and calmer
  • Learn about the benefits of  yoga nidra, a relaxation practice (no yoga moves involved) that enables you to “float” on the cusp of sleep and speak directly to your unconscious — a powerful approach to manifesting intentions, catalyzing healing, shamanic journeying, and meeting your soul
  • Gain wisdom from discovering who you truly are in your dreams — and the amazing insights that zeroing in on your dream’s “perspective” can illuminate

I will guide you safely and comfortably to re-enter an unsettling dream (or any type of dream) to watch it transform before your eyes, uncovering its healing wisdom.

You’ll find that this powerful dreamwork approach can be a highly effective way to build protection while you fall back asleep after awakening from an unsettling dream.

This event is free and a recording is now available. Just click here to get the recording.

I am creating a really exciting new 7-week course that covers all manner of dreaming, from visitation dreams (with deceased loved ones), pprecognitive dreams that reveal the future, deep Shadow work to heal trauma and support our inner child, how to navigate sleep paralysis and other scary liminal spaces, how to heal in our dreams, and I will share my best practices and guided lucid meditations. At the end of this free live event I’ll go into more detail about the course and you’ll have the chance to join if you like, it begins on Feb 10th 🙂

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