You know how deep down, we are all light and oneness? Funny how it doesn’t always feel that way. As we navigate through the turbulent waters of life, it can feel as if there are too many waves to handle, as if we are all alone.

That’s why it’s vital to be able to reach the still, calm core of ourselves whenever we need help, balance, and resilience.

There is a beautiful practice known as lucid sleep. It has other names, as many of the greatest and most time-honoured practices do. You may know it as yoga nidra, or as dream yoga, or as resting meditation, or savasana. Perhaps you never knew it had a name, but you realise as you read this that you’ve been doing it naturally all your life.

No matter how many names it has and how many traditions have embraced it, this practice is not only the most ancient form of meditation, it is the most natural one.

It’s also the easiest.

All you do is lie down, relax, and let your mind drift blissfully on the edge of sleep.

Your brain waves will slow into a delightful alpha-theta range, the optimal range for visualisation, creativity, and mind-programming.

You’ll find that after a little while, you won’t feel your body any more, and this is because your body has fallen asleep.

Your body sleeps while your mind stays effortlessly alert, effortlessly lucid.

This is a powerful mental state. It’s a state where you can set life-changing intentions and consciously create your own reality.

It’s a liminal state of shifting; a state where we drift into imaginal worlds and lucid dreaming begins.

In the practice of lucid sleep, all of the following benefits are yours to receive.

As you relax into this deeply healing practice, you’ll find you can:


  1. Enter a wonderful state of deep relaxation to nourish your mind, body, and spirit
  2. Travel on imaginal journeys to receive inner guidance and wisdom
  3. Charge yourself up with bright, healing energy
  4. Rehearse your lucid dreaming skills while beautifully relaxed
  5. Reduce anxiety, stress, and emotional turmoil
  6. Connect with power animals for strong protection and energy
  7. Access your inner bliss to become a happier, wiser person
  8. Feel safe, strong and calm within yourself
  9. Set powerful intentions to manifest your heart’s desire
  10. Awaken your lucid consciousness for a brighter, fuller life

Lucid sleep can also help with insomnia (periods of sleeplessness during the night) and depression. Clients who have embraced the practice have told me it has changed their life, giving them resilience, greater emotional stability, and a calmer, more joyful vision.

How and when do you practise lucid sleep?

You can use an audio script to guide you into these inner journeys, or you can mentally create your own journey within lucid sleep.

I’ve created two audio and video courses with guided lucid sleep meditations. One is called “Dream Yoga”, the other is “Yoga Nidra for Lucid Dreaming, Healing & Blissful Sleep.” Each course can be bought separately, or you can get both together as a bundle called “Lucid Sleep”.

For a limited time, you can receive a sparkling discount on “Lucid Sleep” by manually entering the code TIGER on the payment page.

You can practise lucid sleep every time you lie down, either during an afternoon nap or at the start of a night’s sleep… or during the night if you find yourself awake and anxious.

How to practise the art of lucid sleep in 7 easy steps

  1. Lie down comfortably on your back, supported by a cushion under your knees if needed. You can lie in bed or on a yoga mat.
  2. Close your eyes, relax, and release any tension or anxiety with every exhalation.
  3. Set an intention for this journey. Do you want to heal, meet a guide, rehearse your lucid dreaming skills? Hold your intention lightly, then release it.
  4. Do a body scan, allowing your awareness to travel right through each part of your body, consciously relaxing it.
  5. Imagine yourself in a place of great beauty, such as a vibrant forest, or picture yourself flying through sparkling stars – anything that makes you feel happy.
  6. As your mind drifts deeper into this inner world, you may notice that you can’t feel your body any more. This is a golden moment, because it means your body has effectively fallen asleep, while you are still aware. This is lucid sleep.
  7. You have the choice now – you could simply allow anything to arise that wants to arise, or you could invite healing, summon your power animal or guide, or enter a lucid dream by allowing the imagery to build around you until you are fully immersed within it, while remaining consciously aware.

The healing awareness practice of lucid sleep can bring us into harmony with the deepest, wisest part of ourselves, open up our connection with our dreaming mind, and provide the basis for profound spiritual experiences and life-shifts.

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