Very excitingly, the Lucid Dreaming Online Summit is on now! The first of its kind, organised by the Awake Academy and lucid dream author Charlie Morley, there are 21 video interviews with lucid dream authors, researchers, and psychologists.

My interview revolves around Lucid Dreaming for Emotional Healing and Spiritual Strength and Charlie and I had a wonderful chat about just how deep lucid dreaming can go, where I shared my curious experiences with “white rooms” in lucid dream space and my encounters there with consciousness explorers, alive and deceased. I’m really looking forward to watching all the other interviews and hearing such a range of different perspectives on lucidity.

The summit began on Weds 29th July. My interview is on the fourth and final day, on Sat, August 1st, with Robert Waggoner, Tim Freke and others that day too. Click on the image for the full line-up and schedule.




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