What’s happening in your lockdown dreams? Is there fear and invisible enemies, or are you partying hard to compensate for not seeing your friends? Are you using your dreams for spiritual growth, or exploring the immensely magical feeling of flying? Are you escaping from giant bugs, or meeting power animals?

It’s a time when strange dreams abound as people who never normally recall their dreams find themselves waking up with a head full of rich inner imagery.

Listen to this podcast interview on lockdown dreams and nightmares

In this podcast, Theresa Cheung, author of The Premonition Code, interviews me to find out what is happening to our dreams, why we have nightmares, how we can make sense of them, and how lucid dreaming can help us to transcend fear and create lasting inner transformation. I also touch on dreams of the deceased.

I’m now teaching small online lucid dreaming groups where I share my transformative practical techniques. If you’d like to be part of one, use the Contact page on this site to reach me, or write to me here: deepluciddreaming@gmail.com We explore how to get and stay lucid, how to heal through lucid dreaming, how to respond to nightmares and scary sleep paralysis experiences, how conscious dream figures are and how to connect with powerful allies in the dream state. We also explore how to move into spiritual lucid experiences. These are small groups where everyone gets a chance to connect and share dreams.

I will definitely respond to your request to join a group (or have private mentoring), so keep an eye on your spam in case my answer arrives there, and if you don’t hear from me within a week, please resend in case I never received it 🙂

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