Have you ever had a snake dream? Or the sense of energy moving up your spine while you’re lucid in a dream? Have you ever dissolved into golden light in your dreams? Maybe because of being President of IASD, the global dream organisation, I had a year studded with jewel-like, deep, and empowering lucid dreams that seemed to reflect the amazing rise of energy within the International Association for the Study of Dreams. In my Outgoing President speech, I share the one with the BIG green snake…

IASD is a warm-hearted, deep-soul organisation that spreads an awareness of the value and appreciation of dreams around the world. On the video, the Executive Committee of IASD kindly awards me with a beautiful, dream-inspired mermaid plaque for my “outstanding leadership” to this wonderful dream organisation. I was so touched! You can join our friendly, welcoming community of dreamers at www.asdreams.org.

Dressed up as my lucid kundalini snake dream at the fabulous IASD Dream Ball in The Netherlands
IASD costume Dream Ball deepluciddreaming.com
My luminous mermaid plaque, based on one of my recurring dreams of finding treasure in the ocean and encouraging others to explore this other world with me
Lucid Dreaing Ocean Retreats image
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