The absolute nicest TV crew in the world came to my home for an in-depth lucid dreaming interview. We explored dreams, nightmares, spiritual lucid dream experiences, and I spoke about the Lucid Light and transcendental lucid states of consciousness, as well as the power of lucid animal dreams for guidance and healing.


We had gorgeous sunshine so did river shots too, and I also meditated in the garden, signed my books, sprinkled sparkling water droplets in the air down at the river, and did various other dreamy things as the cameras rolled. I have seriously never had so much fun on a shoot before. These are some of the phone shots, the main footage has yet to be edited, but here are a few short clips to give an idea of what we got up to while we talked about the power and beauty of lucid dreaming!


Lots of dream sharing between us, very illuminating for me to hear the crew’s deepest dreams, one of which was of two giant black serpents who created a circle when each bit the tail of the other like the Ouroboros symbol… how alchemical, archetypal, and transformational!

This is a highly aware crew who work for Asia-based TV company SMTV, and their dream-sharing and general loveliness shone through as we spent the day together. Supreme Master TV translates its shows into over 20 languages and has millions of viewers around the world. The footage they shot is currently being edited and I’ll include a link when it goes live. I am so grateful to have had this magical day with these bright, caring, talented ladies, I hope we’ll meet again soon.

The all-female crew arrived bearing gifts of amazing vegan food (perhaps they saw my Facebook post about being a mediocre cook!) and even presented me with some inspiring books and a generous basket of exotic fruit, so I had fun with my daughter later that evening trying to crack the coconut open with a hammer and she created a waking dream jungle with toy animals who played among the passion fruit and miniature bananas.


Lucid in this riverside dream…

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