I met a big dreamer recently when I was invited onto the Valder Beebe Radio Show.

Valder told me straight away that she’s a very active dreamer – she sleep talks and acts out her dreams, and has done for the past five years.

The Valder Beebe Show is a new kind of spiritual talk show talking on today’s hot topics with “That Celebrity Interview”. These are interviews with stars, change makers, religious and spiritual leaders, and everyday people of the 21st Century.

Valder and I talked about why dreams are important, the symbolic stories they tell, and nightmares as healing gifts. We talked about my latest book, Mindful Dreaming, and I explained why I don’t “interpret” other people’s dreams, but instead share practical steps so that people can unwrap their own dreams. We explored how dreams can help our spiritual growth – especially those that I term “soul dreams”.

You can listen to the 12-minute recording of the show here:

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