Are you interested in how your dreams can help you to infuse your life with health and joy? And do you know the power of dream animals?

Today, there’s a lot of buzz about mindfulness, which is wonderful. But we often neglect our sleep and dreams. Imagine how much more your life could transform if you brought mindfulness into the third of your life that you spend asleep!

Our dreams are like a movie reel of our own deep unconscious imagery. When we learn how to work with this imagery in healing ways, we can transform our inner movie and empower ourselves to live the life we’d love to live. This is mindful dreaming.

In this 45 minute interview, Randi Fine of “A Fine Time for Healing” asks me some of the following questions, and more besides:

  • What are dreams and why are they so important?
  • How can we transform nightmares?
  • What is Mindful Dreaming and can anybody do it?
  • How can we have lucid dreams?

We also talked about my little girl’s dream leopard and how it helps her in her dreams and in her waking life, too. And we discuss out of body experiences, soul dreams, archetypal dreams, and the best techniques for waking up in dreams.

You can listen to the interview either on Randi’s page or below (jump right in at 2.5 minutes if you prefer to skip the ads and music) Hope you enjoy it!

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