Have you ever had a spiritual dream that illuminates an aspect of your life to bring you clarity and purpose?

Or a dream so luminous that it seems to show you the very nature of life, death and the universe?

These are dreams that can light up a dark night of the soul and provide us with immeasurable solace. Carl Jung called such life changing dreams “the richest jewel[s] in the treasure-house of psychic experience”.

DreamTime Magazine Spring 2018

When I was researching grief dreams for Mindful Dreaming, I came across an intensely spiritual dream that I knew would enrich my book. It belongs to Dr. Laurel Clark, President Emeritus of the School of Metaphysics in Missouri. The night after 9/11, Laurel dreamed of seeing her deceased husband in radiant health. He was helping souls who died in the World Trade Center, and told her, “Once they’re out, they’re fine!” With a whoosh of exhilaration, Laurel understood that once they are out of the body, their spirits are free. This dream subsequently helped Laurel to counsel people suffering from the loss of a loved one, or facing death themselves.

Laurel Clark is the author of Intuitive Dreaming, a chapter author for Dreams that Change Our Lives, and a long-serving member of the Executive Committee of the International Association for the Study of Dreams (IASD). She has kept a regular dream journal for four decades and loves to increase her knowledge and wisdom in applying the messages from her dreams to her life so she can know herself more deeply.

Laurel said to me: “I believe that people are inherently spiritual beings and that our dreams connect us with our soul and spirit.”

Spiritual dreams can give us immense soul-comfort, guidance, and affirmation that we’re on the right path in life. In this DreamTime article, Laurel shares a spiritual affirmation dream she had in her early twenties, which changed her life. Click here or on the cover of DreamTime to read more.

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