Have you ever wished you could just hop into an elevator and ride to any floor of consciousness you want to visit?

Just imagine – you could get out at the lucid dream floor, or explore the meditation floor, or sink right down into the basement level of deep, refreshing sleep.

All of this is possible for anyone who cultivates the art of observing hypnagogia.

These pre-sleep images and physical sensations are often bizarre and seemingly random, but when we get used to them, we see how they build up in clear stages. We can literally watch the formation of a dream as it morphs from static images to moving ones and then 3D moving scenes.

There are practical techniques that can help you to ride what I have termed the “hypnagogic elevator” and you can read more in this Psychology Today article written by Michelle Carr, PhD, who read my Llewellyn’s Complete Book of Lucid Dreaming and was excited by the possibility of using my Elevator Hypothesis for Hypnagogic States to access various lucid states of consciousness.

Which floor would you choose first?

Click here to read Dr. Carr’s Psychology Today article.

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