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The next big step in mindfulness?

Mindful Dreaming comes out in the US & Canada on 1st April 2018

Today, there’s plenty of buzz around the Buddhist principle of mindfulness, where we focus our attention on the present moment and become fully conscious of our thoughts, emotions, and experiences to develop greater presence of mind. This interest in mindfulness shows how many people are keen to wake up in their lives and live more consciously.

But what about the third of our lives we spend asleep? Based on the two hours a night we spend in dream-rich REM sleep each night, scientists estimate that we spend nearly six years of our life dreaming. How many years of enriching experiences do we lose through a lack of mindful dreaming? Isn’t it time to wake up to this hidden part of ourselves?

Is it possible to bring mindfulness into our sleep and dreams?

Yes—we can create healthy pre-sleep rituals to ensure we go calmly into sleep and benefit from a restful night; we can cultivate the habit of recalling our dreams in the mornings, and we can engage artistically or therapeutically with dreams. Simply sketching a dream we had is a form of mindful dreaming, as it brings awareness to the dream. Any of these actions invite mindfulness into this third of our lives.

On top of this, we can boost our overall mindfulness hugely through the practice of lucid dreaming.

…you can read the rest of my Psychology Today article here.


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