How can we have more spiritual lucid dreams and wake up feeling deeply peaceful and refreshed?

In lucid dreams, we are aware that we are dreaming, and with this awareness, we can guide and shape the dream, or go with the flow of events. We may find ourselves flying over magnificent vistas, breathing underwater, transforming into an eagle, hugging a much missed deceased friend, or simply soaking up the astonishingly real imagery and sensations of being conscious in a dream world.

When we engage lucidly with our dreams, we illuminate them from within. One of the wonderful things about lucid dreaming is that we can guide the dream into a soulful, spiritual experience as soon as we realise that we are dreaming.

One of my favourite chapters in Llewellyn’s Complete Book of Lucid Dreaming explores the use of meditation and mantras in lucid dreaming, and how this can lead to incredible experiences of bliss and oneness in the lucid dream state.

In this article that I wrote for Merlian News, I explore how we can gently steer a lucid dream into a beautiful, memorable spiritual experience, and I share some spiritual lucid dreams, including a powerful one that a friend of mine had, of a field of enormous sitting Buddhas that she at first thought were statues… until one opened his eyes and looked right at her!

What kinds of spiritual experiences have you had in your lucid dreams? I’d love to hear them.

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