Have you ever been to a dream conference?

Imagine a 5-day extravaganza where dream researchers, artists, psychologists, and anyone fascinated by dreams all come together in a warm and vibrant atmosphere to work and play with dreams.

All dressed up for the 2015 IASD costume Dream Ball: The Green Witch and The Sparkling Lucid Black Void

The word ‘conference’ falls short of describing the fantastic vibe of these events organised by the International Association for the Study of Dreams (IASD) as dreamers from up to 40 different countries come together to explore the fascinating mysteries of dreaming and we have a ball – literally, as there’s a costume Dream Ball on the final night!

At the legendary IASD Dream Ball, anyone who wants to can get dressed up as a dream they had. It’s hilarious, creative, and sometimes really touching. Then people can present their dream to everyone to explain their costume. Once, I dressed up as the sparkling black lucid void and described back-flipping out of a dream scene and plunging into the void. I could still see the dream I’d just left floating above me like an upside-down volcano. This was a fairly hard dream to turn into a costume so I contented myself with sewing a few sparkling sequins onto a black dress 😉

Are you excited by lucid dreams?

How about the neurobiology of dreaming, clinical psychology, and dreams in indigenous cultures? Are you researching dreams or facilitating group dreamwork?

Do you want to find out more about your dreams, learn how to create dream art, or help your child with nightmares? Do you want to sleep better and have a happier dreamlife?

Experts from around the globe gather at IASD conferences to share their techniques, research and creativity.

In June 2018 we’re all heading out to Arizona – why not join us? The enchanting landscape of the Grand Canyon is a perfect vacation destination for those who want to explore before or after the dream conference. You can register for the conference on www.asdreams.org

On this video, people say why they love IASD dream conferences so much and I can only agree with them 🙂

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