We need our dreams.

The very act of dreaming can help us to stay balanced and healthy. Cognitive psychology, neurobiology and neuroscience all show just how important dreaming is for our mental health and well-being. In her book, Molecules of Emotions, biophysicist Dr. Candace Pert explores the way that dreams help us to release unpleasant and distressing emotions from our bodies.

When we work with dreams in healing ways, we can move this healthy process along even more. We can transform nightmares, solve problems, and gain insights into our relationships.

Deep Grief

But what about when we are struggling with deep grief? Losing a loved one takes an enormous emotional toll, and the grief process can be complex and difficult to navigate.

Gentle dreamwork can enable us to experience a connection with our deceased loved ones, as well as resolve any conflicting emotions and deep grief. When we engage with our dreams using Dream Therapy, we are opening the door to healing and greater emotional stability.


Disturbing bereavement dreams

Sometimes, the dreams we have of our deceased loved ones disturb and upset us, because in our dreams, the person seems angry or troubled. It’s especially beneficial to work with these dreams to unwrap the core emotions and engage with them on the imaginative level to experience a sense of resolution.

In this short video, I share simple techniques for working with positive and negative dreams to aid and support the grieving process.

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