Find out more about the monster under the bed…

Inside Sleep Monsters and Superheroes, there are stories about dreams that help children fight cancer; dreams that empower children to face moments of great change; spiritual dreams of transcendence. If just one dream can give a child solace after bereavement or self-worth after abuse, then what might be possible when we help children to work and play with their dreams on a regular basis?

  … and help the child in your life turn into a dreamtime Superhero!

I’m really happy and proud to be co-editor of this exciting new book along with my dream friend and colleague Jean Campbell. Anyone interested in dreaming, lucid dreaming, and how we can work and play with our dreams while awake can benefit from this book. It’s not just for people who care for children – filled with practical tips, it can also help playful adults to enjoy their own dreams more. Sleep Monsters and Superheroes: Empowering Children through Creative Dreamplay is available now on Amazon.


Sleep Monsters & Superheroes

If we care about children, we must care about their dreams; this means being willing to listen without judgment, to help with the scary stuff, and to encourage dreamplay that is safe and fun. The authors of the excellent collection Sleep Monsters and Superheroes know this well. They offer us a treasury of techniques and experiences that will help us to cheer on – and learn from – the kids we know as they draw guidance, healing and creative energy from their dreams and become dream magicians, operating consciously in the place between sleep and awake, braving up to night monsters and crafting bigger and braver stories for life.

                 – Robert Moss,  bestselling author of The Secret History of Dreaming, Active Dreaming and The Boy Who Died and Came Back

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