Have you ever had a golden time in your life, or a golden moment… or even a golden dream?

A golden time in my life began when I started to meet a wonderful array of dreamers who have devoted their lives to discovering more about the potential of dreaming. This was 2003, when I began my doctoral research into lucid dreaming and creativity. Stephen LaBerge suggested I interview Harvard psychologist Deirdre Barrett for my PhD thesis, and I knew I’d struck gold when she told me about her book, The Committee of Sleep, which gathers together fascinating stories from artists, scientists, and creative writers throughout history who have been inspired by dreams. Twelve years on, her book is on my desk again as a valuable resource to dip into as I write my own books on lucid dreaming and healing dreams.

As part of my regular feature in DreamTime, IASD’s magazine, I interviewed Deirdre Barrett, who shared her views on hypnotherapy, lucid dreaming, and the ‘golden dreams’ of her life.


Click on the cover of DreamTime to read the full interview.


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