soul-623424_640Imagine the worst event in your life returning to haunt you in your dreams. Imagine being afraid to go to sleep in case it happens again that night. For people with post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), horrific nightmares are common. These nightmares can be difficult to treat as they are often re-enactments of the root trauma, so they are much harder to resolve than fantasy-style nightmares of being chased or killed.

For years, studies have shown that lucid dreaming can be useful in resolving ‘regular’ nightmares. More recently, dream lucidity has been shown to be helpful in eliminating PTSD nightmares too, and more therapists are bringing it into their work with PTSD patients.

This article describes the effectiveness of lucid dreaming on one Vietnam veteran’s recurring nightmare of his friend bleeding to death from the neck.

Lucid dreaming is so much more than just a fantasy playground – it can have real and lasting effects on major life problems. Some people’s nightmares are so awful that they become suicidal. Yet if a change can be made within the unconscious so that the imagery turns into something positive, this can transform a person’s sleep… and in some cases, it can transform their life.

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