cloud-143152_640Can lucid dreaming prepare us for the dying process?

People who are dying often report dreams of floating in white light or being surrounded by angels – dreams which offer peace and nourishment. In lucid dreaming, we are aware that we are dreaming, aware of our current life situation, and aware of the fears we may hold about the dying process. Could lucid dreaming be used as a training ground not only for acceptance of death, but also as the key to remaining aware and alert at the actual moment of death? Tibetan Buddhists have explored these themes deeply. Which kinds of lucid experiences may be the most helpful for releasing fear of death and preparing for this inevitable transition?

I developed the term “Bodiless Lucid Experiences” (BLE) to describe the type of dream lucidity which in my own experience liberates the fear of dying and provides deep insights into consciousness without a physical body or even a dream body.

In this video chat with Dr Keith Hearne (the scientist who first proved the existence of lucid dreaming in 1975), we discuss lucid dreaming as an emotional and spiritual preparation for death and I share the story of a remarkable woman whose experience with lucid dreaming during the final year of her life “taught her how to die”.