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Sleep Monsters & Superheroes

Find out more about the monster under the bed… Inside Sleep Monsters and Superheroes, there are stories about dreams that […]

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Golden Dreams

Have you ever had a golden time in your life, or a golden moment… or even a golden dream? A […]

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Out-of-Body Experiences

    I’m excited to be part of a new (and entirely free) book on out-of-body experiences: Consciousness Beyond the […]

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Painting Doors

Painting Doors – making of a lucid dreaming documentary

Have you ever met your ‘cinema self’? I first heard this expression in Julia Cameron’s book The Artist’s Way. In her […]

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Children’s nightmares – how lucid dreaming can help

Parents can feel helpless when faced with their child’s nightmares, especially if these are severe and happen a lot. But […]

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