Lucid dreaming is a powerful opportunity to solve problems, create new possibilities, take charge of your own healing, transform nightmares, and explore the depths of reality. Deep Lucid Dreaming shares techniques on how to get lucid and stay lucid… and how to go deeper into this fascinating inner world.

Deep lucid dreaming for a profound nightlife

…and a happier, healthier waking life. Top 10 tips for getting lucid.

Why is lucid dreaming amazing?

What can we do when we get lucid in a dream and how does it really feel?

Is lucid dreaming dangerous?

Find out in this video.

A lucid dream is a dream in which you are conscious that you are dreaming. But there is way more to lucidity than this simple definition.

Deep Lucid Dreaming has been created to help you to wake up in your dreams and explore the deeper aspects of lucid dreaming.

Dr Clare Johnson, the site creator, is a lifelong lucid dreamer and the author of Llewellyn’s Complete Book of Lucid Dreaming, Dream Therapy, Breathing in Colour, and Dreamrunner.

Enjoy exploring some of the many topics Deep Lucid Dreaming covers:

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