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Golden Dreams

Have you ever had a golden time in your life, or a golden moment… or even a golden dream? A […]

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Out-of-Body Experiences

    I’m excited to be part of a new (and entirely free) book on out-of-body experiences: Consciousness Beyond the […]

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Painting Doors

Painting Doors – making of a lucid dreaming documentary

Have you ever met your ‘cinema self’? I first heard this expression in Julia Cameron’s book The Artist’s Way. In her […]

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Children’s nightmares – how lucid dreaming can help

Parents can feel helpless when faced with their child’s nightmares, especially if these are severe and happen a lot. But […]

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DreamTime Fall 2015 Sheila Asato

When the healer is sick… how dreams can help the healing process

When artist and dreamworker Sheila Asato flew to Japan after the earthquake and tsunami and facilitated healing dreamplay with school children, […]

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