You are warmly welcome to attend this new 7-week LIVE course with me, Dr. Clare Johnson.

We’ll explore everything from how to increase lucid dreaming and become more lucid in life...

…to the fascinating topics of the lucid void, dream telepathy, precognitive dreams of the future, nightmares, dreams of deceased loved ones, and out of body experiences (OBE).

If you can’t make the live weekly online workshops, never fear, they’ll be recorded and you can catch up via full video, or audio, and/or transcript whenever you like.

The final 30 minutes of each 2-hour live session will be devoted to small dream groups where you can interact with other participants via live video streaming, to practise the techniques we’ve covered in that day’s session. There will also be a vibrant Facebook community for further sharing. You’ll also recieve deepening practices to take you further between workshops.

Click here for all details so you can see exactly what each workshop offers. When you sign up, you get a free one-hour workshop with me, plus many other lovely bonuses.

I hope to see you there soon – it begins on Feb 10th 🙂

Dr. Clare Johnson was the first person in the world to do a PhD on Lucid Dreaming as a creative tool. Author of seven lucid dream books, and former President & CEO of the International Association for the Study of Dreams, Dr. Johnson has taught her original lucidity techniques to many thousands of people all around the globe. She had her first sparkle of dream lucidity in a nightmare when she was just three years old. She is the creator of Deep Lucid Dreaming Video Courses and has developed guided lucid dream meditations to lead people directly into lucid dreaming.

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