We each possess amazing powers of self-healing.

Dreams have a natural healing function, whether we’re lucidly aware within them or not, as they help us to release and process emotions that are too strong. This natural release enables us to free ourselves from the negative effects of supressing potentially damaging emotions such as guilt, shame, anger and resentment.

However, when we become lucid in a dream, we can consciously and actively guide the dream towards deeper healing.

If you rarely have lucid dreams, don’t worry – it is perfectly possible to carry out deep healing work while in a relaxed mental state, or while floating on the cusp of sleep (where hypnagogic imagery and sensations arise), or during deep meditation… so please never worry that you have to get lucid in order to heal yourself, as this simply isn’t true. The following tips are focused on lucid dream healing but you can easily adapt them to help you reach out for healing in any state of consciousness in which you slip closer to a meditative or dreamlike state.

When you are lucid and stable (try my CLEAR stabilisation technique), try some of the following ways to direct healing energy to yourself:

  • Place your dream hand on your dream body, where you feel the illness/pain to be located. Use an affirmation such as: “I send healing energy for radiant health” (or be specific as you like about what you want to improve)
  • Visualise a stream of light coming from your hand into your body. You may feel buzzing, tingling, or warmth, or see sparkles or other phenomena. This is all good!
  • You can also directly ask for healing: “Please heal me!” is enough to activate spontaneous healing. Anything can happen – don’t be scared if you are lifted up bodily and swept into a portal or lifted into the air. Trust the healing wisdom of the dream. Go with it.
  • Call on your ancestors or a trusted doctor or guide or power animal! Call with firm intent and believe that the right help will arrive. Prepare to be astonished 🙂
  • Create a healing environment by diving through a portal (a window, a puddle, a leaf – almost anything can be a portal in a lucid dream)  while announcing the intention to reach a place of powerful healing. Or create a healing pool and dive into it, knowing you will be healed when you emerge.

Be flexible and responsive when trying lucid dream healing. It’s best not to force your agenda but be receptive and open to the spontaneous imagery and emotions of the dream.

If you’d like a deep, 30-day dive into the power of your own dreams for healing, wisdom and to help you live a more lucid, joyful life, come along to this new course. The Power of Dreams combines daily videos with live workshops and community.

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