Why learn to lucid dream?

House in a bubbleThere are so many reasons to learn to dream lucidly. Adventure, healing, creativity, and experiencing pure wonder are just some of those reasons.

Waking up in a dream often comes with a jolt of happiness and exploring the dreamscape can be an incredibly joyful experience which leaves us with a new zest for life. Experiencing bodiless lucid dreams can teach us how to become comfortable without a body, how to enter meditative states more easily when awake, and give us deeper insight into the nature of dreaming and reality. Practising techniques for getting and staying lucid helps us to become more lucid not only in our dreams but in our waking lives.

Here are some of the things you can do when you wake up inside a dream:

  • Inspire your inner artist with stunning lucid dream imagery
  • Resolve nightmares by confronting or befriending dream monsters
  • Experiment with sexual fantasies
  • Try something you can’t do in waking life – fly into space, turn yourself into an eagle, hang out with a dodo
  • Heal traumas
  • Improve sports skills by practising in your lucid dreams
  • Interact with dream figures to experience a deeper connection with yourself and others
  • Experience feelings of oneness, bliss and spiritual connection
  • Overcome phobias
  • Solve problems by asking for help when you get lucid
  • Relieve sleep paralysis, sleep eating and possibly even violent dream enactments such as RBD
  • Explore the dreamscape for creative inspiration
  • Become lucid in dreams of deceased loved ones to help the grieving process
  • Experience the ‘void’ or infinite dream space for deeper insights into the nature of dreaming and reality
  • Learn to be more awake and aware in your waking life
  • Create a creature that doesn’t exist in the waking world
  • Have joyful, uplifting lucid dreams and wake up feeling happy
  • Guide lucid dreams with your thoughts, desires and expectations to learn about the nature of your own mind, reality creation, and lucid living
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