Yoga Nidra for Lucid Dreaming with Dr Clare Johnson



Yoga Nidra for Lucid Dreaming

Begin the new year with the most relaxing lucidity training there is! The next yoga nidra course starts on Thursday, January 14 at 7 pm CET (Germany time), six weeks, 6x one-hour sessions via Zoom with Dr. Clare Johnson.

In each of the six sessions, I’ll guide you through a new (different each time) deep and beautiful yoga nidra practice especially designed to train your mind to recognise when you are dreaming. You’ll also benefit from deep relaxation and enjoy this transitional state of consciousness as a sacred space in which to rest, recuperate, heal, and dream. This practice helps us to become lucid and stay lucid for longer: it’s a fantastic technique for creating stable lucid dreams.

“It was like being guided into a lucid dream. I was able to have some amazing and healing experiences.” – Penny, UK

“During this course, Clare opened the door for me to the boundless realm of lucid dreaming.” Dessy, US

Each hourly session will begin with a short introduction to that day’s practice, then we’ll move into the yoga nidra practice itself, which involves you lying down, relaxing, closing your eyes and allowing my voice to transport you into beautiful liminal realms and lucid journeying. After this central practice, I’ll guide you back to the waking state and we’ll wrap up the session by sharing thoughts, questions, and experiences together in a calm, nurturing space. Treat yourself to this relaxing expansion into lucidity and feel the positive impact on your nighttime dreams and waking life stress levels.

On this course you’ll learn to enter a beneficial state of deep relaxation and balance lucidly on the cusp of sleep; navigate pre-sleep imagery (hypnagogia) to learn to remain lucid and facilitate wake-induced lucid dreams (WILD); train your mind to recognise when you are in a dream body; create effective lucidity cues and set intentions in yoga nidra; activate deep healing in liminal states of consciousness, and fly free from your body in an imaginal journey. Yoga nidra brings balance and clarity to our lives and helps us to experience spiritual connection and boundless love.

This six-week course of deep yoga nidra for lucid dreaming is 99 euros. Anyone who would love to attend but is having financial difficulties, please contact me and we’ll see if we can figure something out. I look forward to sharing these nurturing lucidity practices with you 🙂

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    Starts Thursday, January 14th at 7pm CEST (Germany time), six weeks, 6x one-hour sessions via Zoom with Dr. Clare Johnson
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"Dr. Clare Johnson has amazing talents at guiding people through the dream realms and the subconscious mind. Utilizing her teachings and techniques has been a transformative and powerful experience for me."

Derek, US

“I was transported into beautiful landscapes and worked with hypnagogia, my power animals and spiritual guides. Clare also guided us all with a chakra boosting healing session that resulted in another lady and myself feeling our entire bodies vibrate. When Clare talks it feels like a big warm hug."

Natalie, London

"This course is a wonderful journey... It's layered with beautiful visualizations and steady, relaxing guidance as you float into those liminal spaces."

Elan, Colorado

Dr. Clare has a great voice for this type of thing. I had a particularly powerful experience when the intent was to meet with a guide.”

Ronen, US

“After a full day at work, the Yoga Nidra session did me so much good and contributed to revitalization, so that I really looked forward to every session. For me, the Yoga Nidra state is much easier to achieve and therefore a great opportunity to enter the lucid dream.”

Elena, Germany

“Dr. Clare brings such a soothing presence to the class. This is my second time signing up for a course of hers and I’ve loved every minute of it.

She makes lucid dreaming feel accessible.”

Laura, US

“Dr. Clare has a way of creating warm and welcoming spaces that are perfect for this type of exploration.

I found myself inspired to continue to practice and explore on my own.”

Bob, US

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