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Yoga Nidra for Lucid Dreaming, Healing, & Blissful Sleep

“Dr. Clare Johnson has amazing talents at guiding people through the dream realms and the subconscious mind. Utilizing her teachings and techniques has been a transformative and powerful experience for me. I would recommend her courses to anyone who is wanting to explore these practices further.”

-Derek S. (USA)

Participant of Transformative Lucidity course & Yoga Nidra for Lucid Dreaming course

Dr. Clare Johnson’s Yoga Nidra for Lucid Dreaming course has seven instructional videos and six blissful hour-long downloadable yoga nidra journeys. 

Each is specially created to guide you into lucid dreaming and teach you essential skills for waking up in your dreams.

Studio quality audio with options to listen with or without the beautiful dreamlike music. Watch this demo clip for an example from the “Meet Your Dream Guide” visualisation. All six blissful lucid audio journeys are yours to keep forever…


On this course, you’ll learn how to:

  1.  Enter a beneficial state of deep, conscious relaxation

  2.  Set powerful intentions to create real change in your life

  3.  Balance with stable lucid awareness on the edge of sleep

  4.  Navigate and explore pre-sleep imagery (hypnagogia)

  5.  Cultivate wake-induced lucid dreams (WILD)

  6.  Train your mind to recognise when you are in a dream body

  7.  Activate the skills of lucid dreaming through the power of rehearsal

  8.  Travel on imaginal journeys to states of profound healing & bliss.

  9.  Connect with inner guidance and wisdom

  10.  Send healing energy to specific health issues

  11.  Fly free from your body in an imaginal journey

  12.  Experience great calm and stillness to encourage blissful sleep

New Vistas to Consciousness

“Some may refer to Clare’s gifts as shamanic and once you experience the gateways she’s able to access, you’ll understand what I mean. Clare is loving, patient and kind and works like a midwife between the dreamer and this wonderful world that is just a blink away…

Clare can help you heal your soul and open vistas to consciousness that you may not even imagine possible.”

Zack, Hawaii

Inspirational Guidance

“Clare is such an inspirational teacher and guide – every class I felt uplifted and ready to dive deeper into my own dreaming practice. The transformative lucidity course is all encompassing, deep and fun, I highly recommend this course!

I’ve been lucid dreaming for many, many years and still found so many takeaways that I am applying right now.”

Katie, US


Wondrous Dreams

“My dreams grew from dull to wondrous, my abilities from disconnected to understanding. I re-connected my own states of consciousness as whole.

At the close of class, I was left in a deeply miraculous place from which to launch these communications with lucidity, forward.”

Danny Blitz, USA

Hi, I’m Dr. Clare Johnson

A lifelong lucid dreamer, I was the first person in the world to do a PhD on lucid dreaming as a creative tool. I’m the author of seven books and Past President of the International Association for the Study of Dreams.

I’ve dedicated my life to lucid dreaming and related states of consciousness, and I’m passionate about helping people to heal, grow, explore the nature of reality, and lead happier, more creative lives. When we connect with the magic of dreams, we open up to so much joy and beauty.

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