Reviews for The Art of Lucid Dreaming

Art of Lucid Dreaming by Dr Clare Johnson

“Dr. Clare Johnson is a masterful guide to the exploration of this creative and cosmic state of consciousness known as lucid dreaming. In sharing one fascinating adventure after another she provides you with all the tools to enter and experience your own journey into this expanded reality of self-enlightenment. A delightful must-read!” 

~ Robert Hoss, author/editor of Dreams that Change Our Lives and Director and former President of the International Association for the Study of Dreams

“When it comes to understanding lucid dreams or the art of dreaming them, there is nobody with deeper experience than Dr. Johnson, who has been working with her own lucid dreams since she was a child and teaching lucid dreaming to others since she wrote her first novel as a university graduate student. There is no better lucid dreaming teacher than Dr. Clare R. Johnson. The information and exercises provided in this book will be life changing.”

~ Jean Campbell, Editor of DreamTime and co-editor of Sleep Monsters & Superheroes.

“Dr. Johnson hits it out-of-the-ballpark (again)! Her new book is the most creative lucid dreaming guide I have seen. There is nothing like The Art of Lucid Dreaming – the tools contained within, including the Lucidity Quiz, are creative and effective. Hungry for innovative techniques for enhancing dream recall and lucidity? Then this is your book! If you’ve been praying to experience your first lucid dream, or desiring many more, this book will guide you toward your goal, with a dash of humor, in the most individualized way possible. The personalized tools along with Dr. Johnson’s stories and experiences make this book a real gem.”

 ~ Kimberly R. Mascaro, PhD, author of Extraordinary Dreams and the blog

“In this eloquent and luminous guide to lucid dreaming, Clare Johnson, PhD warmly shares her profound wisdom and research in the field as she guides readers along the majestic path of soul awakening within their dreams. With a panoramic collection of lucid dream techniques, The Art of Lucid Dreaming helps dreamers enter, enhance, and prolong their lucid dream states, and inspires those who wish to develop an even deeper practice of blissful dreaming. A highly recommended read for anyone seeking to explore the magnificent world of dreams.”

~ Anna-Karin Bjorklund,Dream Specialist, author of The Dream Alchemist.

In The Art of Lucid Dreaming, Dr. Clare Johnson shows herself to be one of the leading voices in the field of lucid dreaming. She provides a down-to-earth approach that addresses every conceivable facet of a lucidity-conducive lifestyle. Written in the same engaging, optimistic style that characterized her Llewellyn’s Complete Book of Lucid Dreaming, Johnson provides proven strategies that will help beginners to unlock their capacity to experience lucid dreams, and assist advanced lucid dreamers in exploring new frontiers. Regardless of one’s prior experience with lucid dreaming, this book should be on every dream explorer’s bookshelf.

~ Scott Sparrow, EdD. Author of the 1976 classic, Lucid Dreaming: Dawning of the Clear Light

“Am I dreaming? The book I was waiting for has finally been published! In The Art of Lucid Dreaming, Dr. Clare Johnson portrays this wonderful state of consciousness as a profound experience that, despite its obvious transpersonal dimension, is conditioned by the dreamer’s personal features and circumstances. Whether you want to get started on the subject or you are an experienced lucid dreamer, this book will gently accompany you so that you can design your own personalized strategy, guided by Dr. Johnson’s experienced, clear and playful writing,her Lucidity Quiz, and unique lucidity programmes. And if, in addition to exploring your own dreams, you help others develop their lucid skills (as is my case), The Art of Lucid Dreaming will help you take advantage of the dreamers’ personal traits to achieve their goal. All in all, a true gift.” 

~ Jordi Borràs-García, psychologist and founder of

“Practical, streamlined, fun, and highly effective, The Art of Lucid Dreaming is the perfect introductory manual for those students of oneironautics who are eager to start lucid dreaming tonight, as well as those veteran lucid dreamers who could use some valuable new tips. Dr. Clare Johnson clearly and succinctly explains how to gain lucidity in one’s dreams, personally tailor one’s own lucid dreaming programme, and make the most out of one’s precious time there. Stripped of distractions and filled with simple, effective exercises and wonderful suggestions. Beautifully written and highly recommended!”

~ David Jay Brown, author of Dreaming Wide Awake and Women of Visionary Art.

The Art of Lucid Dreaming by Dr. Clare Johnson is a really terrific book, revealing all the accumulated practical knowledge that has been developed, by trial and error, on how to become fully conscious in dreams and able to control the events by mere thought. It is possible to learn the skill of “lucid” dreaming, which is the portal to our amazing inner universe. The author is an expert lucid dreamer, and has diligently gathered together all the available knowledge from many different sources. There are individual differences between people – techniques may work on some, but not others. Dr. Clare Johnson brilliantly enables people to classify themselves, and suggests those induction methods which fit their own personal characteristics. She also gives an awe-inspiring tour of the many lucid dream experiences – from exciting dare-devil pursuits (which are safe, of course), exploring new worlds, conducting healing, seeking spiritual advancement, and enjoying enhanced love-making. The result is a bonanza of useful information that will save the aspiring lucid dreamer a huge amount of time in achieving their goal.

~ Dr. Keith Hearne, pioneering scientist who provided the first proof of lucid dreaming. Author of The Dream Machine.

Dr. Clare Johnson’s book is an excellent practical guide into the marvellous world of lucid dreaming: inspiring, resourceful and fun to read. The Art of Lucid Dreaming will help you to develop your own unique approach in unlocking your ability to lucid dream and will empower you with dozens of techniques and exercises to become lucid, stay lucid, and reach the heights and depths of this wondrous state of consciousness.

~ Dr. Tadas Stumbrys, psychologist and lucid dream researcher.

The Art of Lucid Dreaming wins the award for the most practical guide to lucid dreaming ever! There’s no fluff, just the practices and the mindsets that lead to a more conscious dream life. In particular, Dr. Johnson’s unique Lucidity Quiz is a wonderful way for dreamers to get to know their own personal dreaming style for targeting the most effective lucidity practices. Highly recommended for new and advanced lucid dreamers alike!

~ Ryan Hurd, author of Lucid Immersion Guidebook and founder of

The Art of Lucid Dreaming makes lucid dreaming accessible for anyone. Dr. Clare Johnson’s Lucidity Quiz guides readers to discover and discern their sleeping and dreaming habits so they can tailor lucid dreaming practices to their unique needs. Dr. Johnson reassures dreamers that anyone can become a lucid dreamer with curiosity, creativity, and practice. What an encouraging how-to book!

~ Laurel Clark, author of Intuitive Dreaming.

For anyone who is looking to add new life to their dream experience, this is the book for you. Dr. Johnson provides structured, easy-to-read, and vibrant guidance to help you create your personal approach for your journey into and through the world of lucid dreaming. Whether you are already a veteran lucid dreamer or one just beginning to explore your dreams, you will benefit from the guidance offered in The Art of Lucid Dreaming. It is a book you will want to keep handy as you prepare for, experience, and look back on your lucid dreams.

~ Robert P. Gongloff, author of Dream Exploration: A New Approach.
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