Have you ever had immersive lucid dream experiences of floating in light?

I’ve been rereading a wonderful book, The Tibetan Yogas of Dream and Sleep by Tenzin Wangyal Rinpoche. The Tibetan Buddhist idea of the clear light fits well with my theories of the Lucid Light, and it’s fascinating to read about their approach to lucid dreaming, death and enlightenment.

My theory (I go into this in depth in Llewellyn’s Complete Book of Lucid Dreaming) is that the Lucid Light is the baseline state of consciousness from which everything arose: all forms and beings.

We can access this light whenever we like, because it is our true nature.

But it’s much easier to access the Lucid Light from altered states such as yoga nidra, when we float on the edges of sleep, and from lucid dream states.

When we encounter the Lucid Light, we know it. It’s blissful and our awareness dissolves into it. If we’re lucid dreaming, our dream body often dissolves, and we enter a state of oneness. This is a healing, creative, nurturing space and the bliss comes from the sense of complete safety and joy.

In one Lucid Light experience, a woman in one of my live workshops became lucid in her dream and looked for the light. She saw a well she hadn’t noticed before, and an orange-yellow light was glowing from it. Without hesitating, she dived into the well!

In the well, she floated through layers of coloured light and understood that she was an eternal being. She experienced a complete release of her fear of death, and when she woke up, this enabled her to feel braver and more daring in her waking life too.

In my own experiences with the Lucid Light, I have floated in healing orange luminosity, dissolved into pure consciousness, and encountered deceased loved ones in luminous spaces. These out of body experiences are deeply refreshing and energising on all levels. You emerge feeling as if you have been plugged in to the biggest energy source of all time.

It’s lovely to listen to a guided meditation to ease your way into the Lucid Light and blissful dream states. My Dream Yoga video class has 7 video lessons and 6 hours of beautiful yoga nidra meditations to lead you into a magical experience of light and oneness. Currently you can receive 50% off at checkout with codeword MOON.Dream Yoga OBE banner

There is so much creativity and power in these Lucid Light states, and they are not far away! It’s easy to tap into this power source if you know how.

Here’s a practice you can try tonight to access the mind-blowing state of consciousness that I call the Lucid Light…

Practice: Inviting the Lucid Light

  • The beautiful thing is that when you become lucid you can ask to experience the Lucid Light. Simply call out to the dream: “Take me to the Lucid Light!”
  • Be prepared for anything. You might be swept up by a giant wind and whirled down wormholes before emerging into pure light. Or you may begin to glow, becoming more and more luminous as your lucid dream body dissolves.
  • Sometimes, nothing will happen. The dream stays the same. In this case, look around carefully. Is the Lucid Light already present, in the form of a source of light? This might be the sparkling fountain on the dream square you’re in, or the dream moon in the sky, or a person or animal who glows with bright vitality. Move towards any source of light, repeating your request.
  • If you don’t have frequent lucid dreams, try yoga nidra for an equally blissful Lucid Light experience. Yoga nidra is when you lie down, relax deeply to the point where you can no longer feel your body, but remain consciously aware. Set an intention to experience the Lucid Light while in this state.

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I wish you beautiful Lucid Light encounters!

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