With all the turmoil in the world, it’s important to know that in traumatic situations there is hope that we can find healing.

At first it may seem impossible, but there are simple ways of working with dreams, nightmares, and lucidity.

Not only to help ourselves, but to help and support others, too.

Here’s a YouTube interview on healing from trauma through lucid dreamplay such as my Lucid Imaging Nightmare Solution.

This 30-minute talk was the idea of Polish dreamworker Joanna Kowalewska, who came on one of my lucid dream retreats.

Any peaceful practice, such as meditation, can help to spread peace into the world.

You could also incubate a healing dream – just send out a call to your dreaming mind before you sleep:

“Dreaming mind! I welcome healing dreams tonight!”

In a lucid dream, we can call out for planetary healing, or wrap a glowing blanket of peace around the world.


Tune in to our Lucid Dream Meditation for Planetary Healing

On Monday, 23 October at 6pm Germany time I’ll be leading this peace meditation with my Advanced Lucidity Retreat group in Portugal.

If you like, you can tune in remotely by lying down, closing your eyes and imagining a peaceful, joyful planet…

A safe space for our children and their children.


Next Live Workshop with Dr. Clare Johnson

18 November, 1:30pm Spain time

Lucid Dreaming: Consciousness & Transformation

This 2.5 hour lucid dreaming workshop will be transmitted in English and Spanish 🙂

You can get the recording if you miss the live event.

English speakers can sign up here

Hispanohablantes pueden inscribirse aquí




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