Have you ever nearly become lucid in a dream… but then a dream person convinced you that this is in fact waking reality?

“You’re not dreaming,” they say – or they scoff at us when we try to persuade them.

Some dream people will actively pull us back down to the ground when we start to fly in a pre-lucid dream. How cheeky is that?

Or they go to great lengths to demonstrate that we are awake. But we’re not – we’re dreaming.

Why does this happen?

Well, often these dream figures can be seen as the part of ourselves that has doubts about our ability to have lucid dreams, or fears about where lucid dreaming might take us. They are our inner resistance.

Our ego resists change, and lucidity brings transformation.

Even if most of us longs to dive into lucid dreaming, there are parts of us that resist. It’s good to work on releasing any limiting beliefs we have around lucidity.

Identify your limiting belief, then create a counterbalancing statement. “I’m rubbish at lucid dreaming” becomes “Lucid dreaming comes easily to me.”

Change your thoughts, and your dreamworld will change.

Ask for help

It’s effective to ask dream figures to help us get lucid in our dreams.

Pick a dream person or animal, perhaps one you see quite often in your dreams, like your deceased grandmother, or an old school friend, or the tiger who often prowls through your dreamscapes.

Close your eyes before bed, and ask them: “Please, help me to get lucid in my dreams!” Thank them kindly, with the expectation that they will indeed help you.

Dream figures can be astonishingly helpful when we ask them in this proactive way.

They might point to a weird element in the dream and nudge you, saying “that’s dreamlike, isn’t it?”

Or they might outright tell you: “Hey, you’re dreaming!”

When we get our unconscious fully on board with the desire to have lucid dreams, the pathway is cleared, and we are free to leap into this amazing lucid world.


When dream people become obstacles

Sometimes a dream figure will tell us: “You’re not ready for that yet.”

If you have this experience, it’s worth asking yourself what your goals are for your lucid dreaming path. Is this comment a reflection of your own secret thoughts, or does it seem to come from a higher source of wisdom?

Perhaps a ferocious dream animal barred your path. Explore why – do a dream re-entry and ask the animal outright. It’s easy to reconnect with the energies from our dreams in this way, to discover more.

You may also like to figure out why you want to have lucid dreams, and reflect on your current journey into lucidity. It’s a good thing to do now and then, as it gives us more focus.

When we know what we want, and why we want it, we have the confidence – and the mental clarity – to go after it. And our dreaming mind will pave the way for us to do this.


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