Lucid dreaming is one of those envied states of consciousness where anything seems possible.

Science shows that we can improve sports skills by practising them in our lucid dreams.

Psychological studies demonstrate our ability to connect with wisdom, guidance and healing while lucid dreaming.

Many anecdotal reports from lucid dreamers indicate that we can even connect with deceased loved ones and receive information about future events in lucid dreams.

The Magic of Lucid Dreaming

Every morning, I wake up to fascinating messages from lucid dreamers, nightmare sufferers, and out of body explorers from around the globe. They say: “How can I stop these horrific nightmares?” Or they ask: “How can I have more lucid dream sex?” Or they exclaim, “Last night I found myself floating in an immense black void – what IS this?!

I feel blessed that my path has led me to this amazing field of consciousness studies, because after a lifetime of experience and decades of research, I know how to help people navigate through these sometimes bewildering states. People blossom when they realise their own potential – it is truly incredible to see how fast it happens.

One major factor for incredible lucid dreams and a happier, freer life, is learning to release fear in all states of consciousness. This is paramount. Fear blocks us, stops us, drags us down again and again.

When we learn to transcend the worst of our fears, we transform into happy lucid dreaming butterflies!

Now, that sounds like magic to me.

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In this video interview with Marla Martenson, we explore the magic of lucid dreaming. We talk about childhood experiences of sleepwalking, physical and emotional healing in lucid dreams, the differences and overlaps between lucid dreams and out-of-body-experiences, how to resolve PTSD nightmares, and how athletes can improve their performance by practising sports skills in their lucid dreams.

Marla shares her experiences of sleep paralysis and comes up with an innovative new use for lucid dreaming that I hadn’t heard anyone suggest yet…

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