Film crews work transformative magic and create living dreams – first the Superpowers team turned my living room into a film set, then they turned me into a butterfly (or some kind of spinning fairy?) 🧚‍♀️in dreamlike sequences in nature.

I talked about the wonders of dreaming, how realistic lucid dream sex can be, the difference between lucid dreams and OBEs, and the healing and spiritual states we encounter in deep lucid dreaming. I shared my theory of the Lucid Light as the baseline state of consciousness, the state from which all forms and matter arise, and I shared some of my strangest and most memorable lucid dream experiences. We shot B-roll footage in my garden, by the river, in beautiful cobbled streets, and I spun around so much in the sun that I got dizzy.

This was for a US documentary series on “Superpowers”. The US director wasn’t allowed into the country due to coronavirus… so she hired a local film crew and interviewed me via my laptop. You can watch one of the initial trailers here with some of the people the Superpower team already interviewed, including Dr. Dean Radin, Dr. Jude Currivan, Charles Eisenstein, and others. It looks like a fascinating mix of people.

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