With so many enormous shifts in awareness due to the pandemic and the Black Lives Matter movement, we are in a time of global transformation. Two nights ago I dreamed of a huge phoenix illuminating the darkness. The phoenix is an archetypal symbol of transformation and rebirth. This reflects what is happening on a global level, painful though it may be to begin with… we are moving into transformation.

Since the corona crisis started impacting our world, have you, a loved one, or one of your children been waking up to more weird and scary dreams? People often report an increase in strange and scary dreams during turbulent times. Anxiety dreams and nightmares can leave us feeling deeply fearful. Yet, they can also be positive and lead us to healing and wholeness.

Together with two marvellous dream experts, Dr. Deirdre Barrett and Dr. Leslie Ellis, I’m happy to be part of a timely new online course at Jung Platform called Nightmares & Anxiety Dreams in Times of Crisis. We’ll offer perspectives and tools on how to deal with nightmares and distressing dreams. We’ll also look at how you can wake up to the deeper transformational meaning of these powerful dreams. I’ll share my best techniques for nightmare resolution and show how lucidity – while dreaming or while awake – can shift the nightmare narrative and transform its energy completely. Nightmares are gifts in nasty wrapping paper; when we unwrap them, we discover rich insights and healing.

The Nightmares & Anxiety Dreams in Times of Crisis course takes the form of three live webinars spaced at weekly intervals, with time for Q&A after each talk, and video recordings of each talk will be available after the event. The team at Jung Platform would love for as many people as possible to learn how to work with their nightmares and anxiety dreams. So, for however long the Coronavirus is active in the world, they will be offering the course at a discounted rate. And if you are in financial distress due to the pandemic, you can also contact them directly to enquire about their scholarships. 

There are some other wonderful initiatives underway to help people connect more deeply with their dreams and inner resources, including a lucid dream summit and a lucid dreaming online conference… those treats are coming later this year. When we wake up and become more lucid in our lives and in our dreams, we change our old, unhelpful patterns of behaviour, gain understanding and compassion, and have more energy and – crucially – more kindness with which to engage with other people and animals. My hope is that all of these various courses, summits, and dream conferences will help many people to take the brave steps into greater self-awareness. Anybody who wants to attend one of my lucid dreaming online groups and is going through financially challenging times, please reach out to me if you’d like a reduced rate, we can figure something out 🙂

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