I hope you and your loved ones stay safe and well and strong as we go through this worldwide health crisis together; this global transition. We are being compelled to understand how intimately connected we all are as a species, as a planet. We are being compelled to help each other all around the world as we react against a common threat, and this is causing many of us to readjust our values.

A pandemic brings us face to face with the mortality of others and our own mortality. My heart goes out to all those who are suffering the loss of a loved one at this time.

On the level of consciousness, awareness of death can be a valuable thing. Too often, we sleepwalk through our lives with no real awareness of who we are, why we are here, and what life is all about. Death sharpens our awareness, reminds us of who we love the most, and what is most important in our lives. Death raises our lucidity. Death is a major spiritual transition; a trip we will all take sooner or later.

Right now, there is terrible suffering. People are dying in their thousands and their loved ones are grieving. Families who are living abusive situations are cooped up together and that must be hell. Businesses and livelihoods are going bust. Working parents are struggling to home-school their kids on top of everything else. Many hospital workers, social workers, and other angels are at breaking point.

I’ve watched the spread of fear and panic go around the globe these past months.  Fear weakens us. It weakens our immune systems and it also weakens our power to react to a situation with clarity. It seems to me that part of living a lucid, conscious life means releasing excess fear so that we can think straight and react with calm awareness and compassionate solidarity even as difficult events unfold.

I do think there are silver linings in this pandemic: a greater sense of human connection; pollution-free skies; a sense of unity and solidarity; and for some, an opportunity to reflect on their lives, the nature of death, and what it means to be human. The hope is that we will emerge from this crisis wiser and more compassionate, with a clearer vision of how to stay united as one global family. We need to stay lucid and do what we can to help others as we navigate the situation.

During this time of enforced retreat, there is no better time for dreaming: our bodies may be confined to our homes, but our dream bodies – and our minds – are free to fly wherever they want to go. We can practise this in waking visualisations, healing meditations, daydreams and fantasies… and in our nighttime dreams, out of body experiences, and lucid dreams.

For me, staying lucid during coronavirus times means:

  1. Be responsible: protect the elderly and vulnerable among us by practising social distancing. (This new social norm is already appearing regularly in my dreams, how about yours? Social distancing has become my latest lucidity trigger.)
  2. Take care of others: this is possible even from a distance, through the magic of video chats to the homebound, or by giving funds to WHO or other aid organisations. We can give solace and comfort in many ways.
  3. Release excess fear: when we are over-fearful, we actually create more fear and panic in the world. We can release fear by meditating or being in nature (even if you can’t leave your home, you can watch a nature programme or curl up with your favourite houseplant!). Give yourself a treat so you feel cherished and calm.
  4. Look within. When we work to heal ourselves and clarify our purpose in life, we are better able to support others who are in need.
  5. Notice beauty. There is so much beauty everywhere, especially during springtime, with all the buds exploding into life. It’s good to allow beauty and joy into your heart every day to stave off feelings of anxiety and depression. Let nature lift your spirits. You are better equipped to help others when you feel internally balanced and well.
  6. Visualise healing solutions, send love and compassion to the world. It does help. It also has the effect of raising your consciousness and connecting you with your soul. We could all use more soul connection during times of crisis.
  7. Connect with your loved ones in lucid dreams. Incubate a dream about someone you miss and would love to see again, or visit them the next time you become lucid.

A month ago, in the initial coronavirus furore, my latest book came out, The Art of Lucid Dreaming. With all the suffering and upheaval, it never felt like the right moment to announce it. But I feel this is a time when lucid dreaming can help us on so many levels. It can help us with inner expansion and healing, and it can lift our spirits. We may even find creative solutions to our situation through engaging with the wisdom of lucid dreaming. I hope that during these times of self-isolation and uncertainty, this book, along with many other uplifting books, music, and artworks, will help others to explore the mysteries of their rich inner worlds.

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