Lucid dreaming has inspired singers, artists and writers forever, but who is currently writing songs about waking up inside their dreams? Billie Eilish and Juice WRLD are some of the artists who build songs around scary sleep paralysis experiences, or bring the experience of lucid dreaming into their lyrics and music videos. Genius News anchor Jacques Morel interviewed me about the nature of lucid dreaming and why people get sleep paralysis, here’s the video with lots of great songs and beautiful lyrics. In our chat, I talked with Jacques about the importance of releasing fear when we find ourselves stuck in sleep paralysis, and the creative potential of lucid dreaming.

*** 8th December 2019: I just heard the tragic news that Juice WRLD died today, so young, just 21. Rest in peace Juice WRLD, thank you for your music ***


Singer Billie Eilish has had very frightening sleep paralysis experiences that she turns into haunting songs.

In sleep paralysis, it’s vital to know how to release fear, calm down, breathe, and visualise a soothing, relaxing scene. Dream spaces are thought-responsive and they react to our emotions, expectations, and fears. If we are terrified, they become even more terrifying.

Plenty of tips for how to turn scary SP into a beautiful lucid dream on this page in the form of an audio chat.
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