Desperate people write to me saying they are too frightened to go to sleep because they get pinned down by demons or attacked by brutal nightmares. Their fearful nocturnal experience dominates their lives to the point that it not only prevents them from sleeping, it also infiltrates their daily interactions and relationships. They end up living a smaller life than they deserve… and all because of fear.

When we release fear in all areas of our lives, we set ourselves free and anything seems possible as we move into our larger potential

In this audio talk, I show how we can release fear in all areas of our lives, freeing up powerful creative energy with which we can embrace our lives with joy and wonder. I offer tips for how to shift from terror in sleep paralysis into a beautiful lucid dream. I discuss the value of nightmares as healing gifts that help us to live a clearer, more authentic life. This interview is part of The Dreamwork Summit, a free online event featuring visionary speakers who illuminate the healing and transformative powers of your dreams. For more information, please visit This recording is a copyright of The Shift Network. All rights reserved.

When we embrace life and explore the beauty, the whole world hums with promise! 🙂
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