A dream-filled free event to celebrate the transformative power of dreams and nightmares!

Something exciting is on the near horizon – a Dreamwork Summit! It’s free to attend and has the aim of raising global awareness about how awesome dreams are 🙂 Dreams are your most intimate source of soul wisdom — offering powerful information, support, and guidance you can’t access through your conscious mind or receive from another person. Life transitions — divorce, death of a loved one, or loss of a relationship or job — become easier to navigate when you learn to work with the images and characters in your dreams. 

By simply asking your dreams for guidance before you go to sleep, you open the door to revealing your soul’s desires and highest purpose… illuminating a path forward. Dreamwork practices can help you reframe your experiences — and find surprising and effective ways for you to deal with challenges.

Powerful ideas and juice for your creative projects can also arrive on the wings of a dream, through intentional dreaming.  And, you can learn how to dream a better world into being… by applying your imagination and passion to help manifest a more peaceful, loving, and sustainable planet.

Since ancient times, civilizations have looked to their nighttime dreams for wisdom — to foretell the future, cure sickness, and communicate with divine realms. In many cultures, the interpretation of dreams were entrusted to only a special few.   

Yet, you don’t need special powers or years of study with a master dreamwork teacher to successfully work with your dreams… 

You simply need to learn how to pay attention to your dreams and the events occurring in them, and learning how to feel into the images, the characters, and the settings in your dreams can deepen your self-understanding, uncover the root of destructive behaviors, and help you cope with living with an illness, mend a difficult relationship, jump-start a creative project, or make a big life decision.  

Free Online Event
The Dreamwork Summit
October 29 – November 1, 2019

I’m honored to be among more than 25 of today’s leading master dream teachers, psychology professionals, and celebrated authors — including Sandra Ingerman, Robert Moss, Toko-pa Turner, Dr. Michael Katz, Jean Shinoda Bolen, Luisah Teish, Robert Olen Butler, Grandmother Flordemayo, Sharon Blackie, Alice Notley, Ariella Daly, and others, who’ll be offering effective practices, tools, and techniques for tapping into the soul-guided wisdom, healing power, and creative inspiration within your nighttime dreams. I’ll be speaking about the transformative and healing power of nightmares and sleep paralysis visions.

Below, you can listen to my talk on how to release fear in nightmares and scary sleep paralysis episodes to create space and energy in your life for joy and lucid living.

This interview is part of The Dreamwork Summit, a free online event featuring visionary speakers who illuminate the healing and transformative powers of your dreams. For more information, please visit thedreamworksummit.com. This recording is a copyright of The Shift Network. All rights reserved. 

During this groundbreaking 4-day event, you’ll discover:

  • Somatic approaches to dreamwork that look to the body and your feelings for interpretation, healing, and transformation
  • The power of your intentions to call in particular dreams and manifest healing within yourself and in our world
  • Dreams as a doorway to places where lost soul energy can be found and reclaimed
  • How the ancient practice of shamanism views dreams, and ways you can experience shamanic dreaming
  • Dreams as inspiration for bringing your creative self forward
  • Ways that dreams can show you the future to help you better navigate your life
  • The potency inherent in the sacred encounter with images and presences in your dreams — and how they can help you discover healing and transformative insights
  • Techniques to unwrap the spiritual, creative, and healing gifts of “bad” dreams and nightmares
  • How working with myths and archetypes can illuminate your journey through life… and offer you clues about your soul’s calling
  • Practices of Dream Yoga and “natural light”

…and much more! 

Dreamwork helps you create a living bridge for your soul-aligned desires to manifest in your life –– so you can become the most authentic, evolved, and fulfilled version of yourself. Steeped in the magic of the power of imagination, dreamwork is also a lot of fun!

In this enlightening Dreamwork Summit, you’ll discover that each approach to dreamwork provides a unique pathway into a more profound relationship with yourself, others, and the world — and, by listening to the wisdom of your dreams, you open to opportunities for greater wellbeing, joy, fulfillment, and spiritual advancement.

Here’s some of what our brilliant speakers will be sharing with you…

  • Discover how to interpret dreams using the practice of shamanic journeying with Sandra Ingerman.
  • Robert Moss will help you uncover a path to recover soul fragments and your larger identity and purpose.
  • Reclaim your sacred relationship with your body, with others, and with nature through Toko-pa Turner’s dreamwork practice of belonging.
  • Dr. Michael Katz will share Tibetan techniques to make your dreams more lucid and your waking life more dreamlike.
  • Jean Shinoda Bolen will share about Jungian depth work — which can help you find meaning in your life.
  • Listen for powerful wisdom from nature, the ancestors, and your higher Self through your dreams with Luisah Teish.
  • Dr. Clare Johnson will guide you to use your nightmares to dissolve fear and create a magical life.
  • Pulitzer Prize-winning author Robert Olen Butler will reveal his secrets to using dreams to create powerful art.  

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I’m about to head out to Portugal now to lead a Lucid Dreaming Ocean Retreat, so happy to be doing this! There’s nothing quite like dreaming with a group by the ocean (but a fabulous Dreamwork Summit has got to be the next best thing, right?). Next LD Retreat is in May 2020, email me or drop me a line via the Contact page of this website if you’d like to come along 🙂

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