Have you ever dreamed of being naked in public? Or writing an exam you feel totally unprepared for? Or have you had that strange and disquieting dream where your teeth start to crumble and fall out of your mouth?

In the second of this three-part TV show on Lucid Dreaming, filmed by the Asia-based TV programmer SMTV, I talk about the meaning of recurring dreams, and how they can help us to take compassionate steps to wholeness in our lives. I also look at how nightmares can be healing gifts and messages of wisdom, and how we can help children to resolve their bad dreams, with examples from my daughter’s scary witch and dragon nightmares.

This was such a fun interview series to record, with a fabulous film crew. The interview has been translated into many languages. My part starts about 3.5 minutes in.

Join me on a beautiful ocean retreat and dive deep into lucid dreaming 🙂
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