Lovely chat about lucid dreaming as a powerful tool that can improve our health, happiness, confidence and overall well-being. Ali West invited me onto his Kinetic Fitness Show for this fun and wide-ranging discussion.

I talk to Ali about how we are the lucid dream and it is us, and how when we engage with our lucid dreams, we illuminate this whole other rich, vivid inner life that we all experience every night (although many of us forget it!) and about why someone would want to start lucid dreaming.

How do YOU notice when you’re dreaming? Being alert to strange, surreal, or surprising imagery helps us to wake up inside a dream.

We move into talking about facing fear, and how fear is an obstacle to psychological and spiritual growth. I describe how we can rehearse sports skills in our lucid dreams and wake up able to better perform that physical skill, and I describe the scientific research into this. During our chat, Ali shares some of his dreams and we talk about some of the enormous possibilities of lucid dreaming. I give practical tips for getting started having lucid dreams. You can have a listen here.
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